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Video - Platini - Goals scored in the European Cups.

That video is all about the goals Platini scored on the European stage. That is the topic in what concerns the serie "European Nights Goals". So no assists or any other plays. Only this specific aspect of his game here and in the particular context of the European Cups matches.
It is 25 out of 28 his goals, shown in chronological order.

This retraces well his career. What a "strange" career so to speak or to say the least. The affairs in Saint-Etienne then of course his move to Juventus, the Heysel. It ends with a goal scored in Iceland when he played on one leg. The end of his footballing career. That said, what a player! But what a strange, spooky career too wich has continued and is still now continuing in the corridors of power as it is impossible to not know. I mean, did this guy sign a pact with the devil? Remember his 9 goals at the Euro 1984 too. What do you think? Yes he did. And yes, for real.

Now his records foundable on rsssf (contrarily to the ones proposed here and only here). The sign * indicates the goals that do not appear in the video.


Michel Platini - matches and goals in European Cups.

UEFA-Cup 1979-1980
 1.  Widzew Lódz                     1 - 2     1 goal         (35)
 2.  Widzew Lódz                     3 - 0
 3.  PSV (Eindhoven)                 6 - 0     2 goals        (4 / 60)
 4.  Aris (Thessaloniki)             4 - 1     1 goal         (14)
 5.  Aris (Thessaloniki)             3 - 3
 6.  Borussia Mönchengladbach        1 - 4     1 goal         (56)
 7.  Borussia Mönchengladbach        0 - 2
UEFA-Cup 1980-1981
 8.  KuPS (Kuopio)                   7 - 0     2 goals*       (48 / 74)
 9.  KuPS (Kuopio)                   7 - 0
10.  St. Mirren                      2 - 0    
11.  Hamburger SV                    5 - 0     2 goals        (26 / 87)
12.  Hamburger SV                    1 - 0
13.  Ipswich Town                    1 - 4
14.  Ipswich Town                    1 - 3
Champions Cup 1981-1982
15.  Dynamo Berlin                   1 - 1
16.  Dynamo Berlin                   0 - 2
Champions Cup 1982-1983
17.  Hvidovre (København)            4 - 1     1 goal         (44)
18.  Hvidovre (København)            3 - 3     1 goal*        (64)
19.  Standard Liège                  2 - 0
20.  Standard Liège                  1 - 1
21.  Aston Villa                     2 - 1
22.  Aston Villa                     3 - 1     2 goals        (13 / 68)
23.  Widzew Lódz                     2 - 0
24.  Widzew Lódz                     2 - 2     1 goal         (81)
25.  Hamburger SV                    0 - 1
Cup Winners Cup 1983-1984
26.  Lechia Gdansk                   7 - 0     2 goals        (18 / 26)
27.  Lechia Gdansk                   3 - 2
28.  Paris St. Germain               2 - 2
29.  Paris St. Germain               0 - 0
30.  Haka (Valkeakoski)              1 - 0
31.  Manchester United               1 - 1
32.  Manchester United               2 - 1
33.  FC Porto                        2 - 1
Champions Cup 1984-1985
34.  Ilves Tampere                   4 - 0     1 goal         (44)
35.  Ilves Tampere                   2 - 1     2 goals        (57 / 65)
36.  Grasshoppers (Zürich)           2 - 0    
37.  Grasshoppers (Zürich)           4 - 2     2 goals        (61 / 85)
38.  Sparta Praha                    3 - 0
39.  Sparta Praha                    0 - 1
40.  Girondins de Bordeaux           3 - 0     1 goal         (71)
41.  Girondins de Bordeaux           0 - 2
42.  Liverpool                       1 - 0     1 goal         (58)
Champions Cup 1985-1986
43.  Jeunesse d'Esch                 5 - 0
44.  Jeunesse d'Esch                 4 - 1     1 goal         (21)
45.  Hellas Verona                   0 - 0
46.  Hellas Verona                   2 - 0     1 goal         (19)
47.  FC Barcelona                    0 - 1
48.  FC Barcelona                    1 - 1     1 goal         (44)
Champions Cup 1986-1987
49.  Valur (Reykjavík)               7 - 0
50.  Valur (Reykjavík)               4 - 0     2 goals        (10 / 86)
51.  Real Madrid                     0 - 1
52.  Real Madrid                     1 - 0
Seasons       Competitions       Goals       Matches
1979-1980     UEFA-Cup              5           7
1980-1981     UEFA-Cup              4           7
1981-1982     Champions Cup         -           2
1982-1983     Champions Cup         5           9
1983-1984     Cup Winners Cup       2           8
1984-1985     Champions Cup         7           9
1985-1986     Champions Cup         3           6
1986-1987     Champions Cup         2           4
              Champions Cup        17          30
              Cup Winners Cup       2           8
              UEFA-Cup              9          14
              Super Cup             -           1
              Total                28          53

Super Cup Matches and Goals

 1.  Liverpool                       2 - 0
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 My thoughts turn to the victims of the Heysel Stadium disaster, to their families and to their friends.

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UEFA Champions League Final Man of the Match Award (since 2001)

It is well-known that Football is the most individualistic sport amongst collective sports. This is true.
And despite the fact that football is a sport that is played collectively, it seems there is always the need to extract one piece out of the 11 pieces puzzle. UEFA is not here to work things out on this point of view since they created the "Champions League Final Man of the match" award in the beginning of the century, in 2001. This was first awarded to Oliver Kahn, hero of the penalty shootoots between his team of Munich and Valencia after a very solid match (by him and from the both whole sides).
It remains that the "palmarès" can be an indicator of who was maybe the iconic player of the winning team (the loosers have never been awarded here) like Gerrard, Maldini or Xavi, that globally during the competition, during the Final or both things. Also he can be the most decisive in terms of goals scored (Eto'o, Inzaghi, Milito...), the most spectacular (Zidane, also scorer, Kahn in some ways) or a bit all of that at once.
Of course some (or all) choices are debatable and the "fans" had their say until recent days.

Here is the Palmarès of the CL Final "MoM's" by UEFA, some guys who vote:


2001: Oliver Kahn (G, GER, FC Bayern München)
2002: Zinédine Zidane (M, FRA, Real Madrid CF)
2003: Paolo Maldini (D, ITA, AC Milan)
2004: Deco (M, POR, FC Porto)
2005: Steven Gerrard (M, ENG, Liverpool FC)
2006: Samuel Eto'o (S, CAM, FC Barcelona)
2007: Filippo Inzaghi (S, ITA, AC Milan)
2008: Edwin van der Sar (G, NED, Manchester United FC)
2009: Xavi Hernandez (M, ESP, FC Barcelona)
2010: Diego Milito (S, ARG, FC Internazionale)
2011: Lionel Messi (S, ARG, FC Barcelona)
2012: Didier Drogba (S, CIV, Chelsea FC)
2013: Arjen Robben (S, NED, FC Bayern München)
2014: Angel Di Maria (M, ARG, Real Madrid CF)
2015: Andrès Iniesta (M, ESP, FC Barcelona)_____________________________2 G, 1 D, 6 M, 6 S


2008: Cristiano Ronaldo (S, POR, Manchester United FC)
2009: Lionel Messi (S, ARG, FC Barcelona)
2010: Wesley Sneijder (M, NED, FC Internazionale)
2011: Lionel Messi (S, ARG, FC Barcelona)
2012: Petr Cech (G, CZE, Chelsea FC)
2013: Manuel Neuer (G, GER, FC Bayern München)
2014: Sergio Ramos (D, ESP, Real Madrid CF)____________________________diff.:+1 G and 1 D, -1M and 1 S (2008-2014)

UEFA Euro Winning XI (1960-2016)

UEFA Euro Winning XI 1960-2016


Soviet Union 1960

Spain 1964

Italy 1968 (1st match)

Italy 1968 (replay match)

West Germany 1972

Czechoslovakia 1976

West Germany 1980

France 1984

The Netherlands 1988

Denmark 1992

Germany 1996

France 2000

Greece 2004

Spain 2008

Spain 2012

Portugal 2016

- France 1984: + Amoros and Genghini who came into play in the Final.
-Germany 1996: + Andy Möller (suspended for the Final).
- France 2000: + super subs Pirès, Wiltord and Trezeguet.

See also ''Runner-up XI 1960-2012''

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UEFA Euro Runner-up XI (1960-2016)

UEFA Euro Runner-up XI 1960-2016


Yugoslavia 1960

Soviet Union 1964

Yugoslavia 1968

Soviet Union 1972

West Germany 1976

Belgium 1980

Spain 1984

Soviet Union 1988

Germany 1992

Czech Republic 1996

Italy 2000

Portugal 2004

Germany 2008

Italy 2012

France 2016

Yug. '60 and U.S.S.R '64: player 1/ player 2 = usual starting player/ starting player for the Final.
Yug. '68: Osim missed the Final (match replayed by the way so the 'Petkovic/ Hosic').
CCCP '88: + the Belarusian Gotsmanov who played the Final.
Portugal 2004: + P. Ferreira, R. Costa, N. Gomes and Simao at disposal.
More explanations about the lineups by looking at them by country (see index).

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Luis Fernandez - Statistiques détaillées en Equipe de France.

Luis FERNANDEZ - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

Luis FERNANDEZ - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

#Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (details des buts)
#Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A  (goals details)

  3.__1983__Friendly__H__Soviet Union____1-1_____1--0 (13 meters)
 11.__1984__Friendly__H__West Germany____1-0_____0--0
 13.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Denmark_________1-0_____0--0
 14.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Belgium_________5-0_____1--0 (header, 6 m.)
 15.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Yugoslavia______3-2_____0--0
 16.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Portugal________3-2_____0--0
 17.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Spain___________2-0_____0--0
 18.__1984__WC Qual.__A__Luxembourg______4-0_____0--1
 19.__1984__WC Qual.__H__Bulgaria________1-0_____0--0
 20.__1984__WC Qual.__H__East Germany____2-0_____0--0
 21.__1985__WC Qual.__A__Yugoslavia______0-0_____0--0
 22.__1985__WC Qual.__A__Bulgaria________0-2_____0--0
 24.__1985__WC Qual.__A__East Germany____0-2_____0--0
 25.__1985__WC Qual.__H__Luxembourg______6-0_____1--0 (pk)
 26.__1985__WC Qual.__H__Yugoslavia______2-0_____0--0
 27.__1986__Friendly__H__North. Ireland__0-0_____0--0
 29.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Canada__________1-0_____0--0
 30.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Soviet Union____1-1_____1--0 (9 m.)
 31.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Hungary_________3-0_____0--0
 32.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Italy___________2-0_____0--0
 33.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Brazil__________1-1_____0--0
 34.__1986__WORLD C.__N__West Germany____0-2_____0--0
 35.__1986__Euro Qu.__A__Iceland_________0-0_____0--0
 36.__1986__Euro Qu.__H__Soviet Union____0-2_____0--0
 37.__1987__Euro Qu.__H__Iceland_________2-0_____0--0
 38.__1987__Friendly__A__West Germany____1-2_____0--0
 39.__1987__Euro Qu.__A__Soviet Union____1-1_____0--0
 40.__1987__Euro Qu.__H__Norway__________1-1_____0--0
 43.__1988__Friendly__H__Spain___________2-1_____1--0 (25 m. scissor-volley-kick)
 44.__1988__Friendly__A__North. Ireland__0-0_____0--0
 47.__1990__Euro Qu.__A__Iceland_________2-1_____0--0
 48.__1990__Euro Qu.__H__Czechoslovakia__2-1_____0--0
 49.__1991__Euro Qu.__H__Spain___________3-1_____0--0
 50.__1991__Euro Qu.__H__Albania_________5-0_____0--0
 52.__1991__Euro Qu.__A__Spain___________2-1_____1--0 (18 m. volley-kick)
 53.__1991__Euro Qu.__H__Iceland_________3-1_____0--0
 58.__1992__EURO CH.__N__Sweden__________1-1_____0--0
 59.__1992__EURO CH.__N__England_________0-0_____0--0
 60.__1992__EURO CH.__N__Denmark_________1-2_____0--0

 60 international games, 6 goals (1 pk), 3 assists.

World Cup: 6 matches/ 1 goal/ no assists.
Euro Champ.: 8 matches/ 1 goal/ no assists.
Great tournaments = 14 matches/ 2 goals/ no assists.

Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Fernandez avec noms des buteurs.

Detailed list of Fernandez assists with scorers' names.

The Netherlands 82 (Battiston) - Luxembourg 84 (Stopyra) - Argentina 86 (Ferreri).

Notable "pre-assists" (that must be all, all at the Mundial 86):

Canada 86 (cross to Stopyra who deviates the ball for Papin) - Italy 86 (Fernandez for Rocheteau, Rocheteau for Platini, all of that in the axxis).

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In the same serie: Raymond Kopa - Michel Platini - Zinédine Zidane - Alain Giresse - Jean Tigana

All time French National Teams + All-time Dream Team for France

French National Team lineups throughout history + Dream Team.

Onze de L'equipe de France de Football à travers l'histoire + Equipe de rêve, ou idéale, au choix.




 France 1930,  Uruguyan World Cup, 1st FIFA World Cup ever . Result: 1st Round (groups).

France 1930


France 1934, Beaten by Austria in the First Round of the World Cup. In Italy.

France 1934


France 1938, French World Cup, quarter-finalist.

France 1938

France 1954, Swiss World Cup, 1st Round.


France 1958, Swedish World Cup, 3rd (virtually 2nd).

France 1958

  France 1960, 4th of the European Nations Cup held in France.

France 1960

France 1962-1963 that beats England (1-1; 5-2) on the way to Euro '64 finals (that will not be reached).

France 1962-1963

France, World Cup 1966 in England, 1st Round.

France 1966

France 1978, World Cup held in Argentina. 1st Round.

France 1978

France 1982, Spanish World Cup. Finished 4th.

France 1982

France 1984, Winner of the European Nations Cup. At home.

France 1984


France 1986, World Cup in Mexico. Finished 3rd.

France 1986

France 1991-1992: World Champion of the Friendlies (and qualifiers), 1st Round at the Euro '92.

France 1991-1992

France 1996, semi-finalist of the Euro held  in England.

France 1996

France 1998, World Champion. French World Cup.

France 1998

France 2000, winner of the Euro Championship held in Belgium and in The Netherlands.

France 2000

France 2006, runner-up of the World Cup held in Germany.

France 2006

France 2014, quarter-finalist of the World Cup held in Brazil.

France 2014

 France 2016, runner-up of the Euro Championship on home soil (with subs as in the Final).

France 2016

France 2018, World Champions in Russia. 

France 2018

All-Time French National Football Team

Onze français de tous les temps

All-Time France by Football Yesterday & Today (blogspot)

 Eng + Fr
That's mine. Its base is a four-men defence composed by the 4 classiest defenders. All centrals (even if Bossis on the right is no deluded choice at all since he started his career as a LB, then played on the right in 82 then became a libero in Nantes while he became more the stopper for France a bit later). Trésor, it is not always remembered, started his international career as a LB, even if libero in club so...why not? It is a virtual team after all and once again I wanted the defenders that stands out, that on the two following points: in technique and in leadership. Without forgetting the defensive skills of course but that is not what can really make the difference exception made of Desailly maybe. Probably the best French defender ever in what concerns to mark an opponent (and with a very good general technique too). 
Now, the midfield. And attack. The midfield is in my opinion a no-brainer (let see what Pogba will do better than them, how his game can evolve, or not). In attack, Fontaine for Henry is maybe the controversial point. Papin had his word to say too.
And the keepers? Keepers is grand family and if Barthez is not the father of it, sure he is the best son's.

C'est la mienne (d'Equipe de France de Football de tous les temps). Elle se base sur une défense à quatre composée des plus élégants (et représentatifs) défenseurs de l'histoire de L'EDF (même si on peut également, très justement penser à Jonquet et Bosquier). Tous des arrière centraux donc bien que Bossis fut précisément arrière latéral (tout d'abord côté gauche, ensuite côté droit) puis libéro et stoppeur. Trésor, quant à lui, avait commencé sa carrière internationale au poste d'arrière gauche bien que libéro en club alors...pourquoi pas? C'est une équipe virtuelle après tout et une fois encore il fallait aligner les défenseurs qui s' élèvent au-dessus de la mêlée, ce sur deux points en particulier qui sont les suivants: la technique et la capacité d' être le  meneur d'une équipe, d'un groupe. Sans oublier bien sûr les qualités defensives "pures" ou de base ce qui n'est néanmoins pas ce qui peut faire la différence entre les grands et les très grands défenseurs et puis, le jeu des latéraux a tellement évolué, alors il vaut mieux se concentrer sur les centraux (et les concentrer dans cette équipe de tous les temps). Les qualités défensives de Desailly ont cependant constitué l'argument majeur pour sa sélection bien que le joueur n'était pas dépourvu d'une très bonne technique. Mais les "oubliés", on le comprend, sont certainement Thuram et Lizarazu...et Amoros...parmis d'autres encore. On pense à Sagnol (plutôt très bon) ou encore à Battiston (défenseur latéral et central ).
Maintenant, le milieu. Et l'attaque. Le choix des milieux de terrain s'impose de lui-même pour ainsi dire (nous verrons si Pogba fera mieux que ceux-là, comment son jeu évoluera, ou non). En attaque, Fontaine plutôt qu' Henry sera, peut-être, Le sujet de la controverse. De même, Papin a son mot à dire.
Et les gardiens? Et bien les gardiens c'est une grande famille. Et si Barthez n'en est naturellement pas le père, il en est sûrement le meilleur fils. Mais peut-être que les fans d' Hugo Lloris (il doit y en avoir, c'est effectivement un excellent gardien de but) ne seront pas d'accord avec cela. Mais passé outre les petites boulettes post-98 on se souviendra de l'Ariègeois comme d'un goal extraordinaire sur sa ligne et de bien souvent très rassurant sur ses sorties aériennes, un point que le gardien actuel de l' Equipe de France doit encore améliorer.
Et la vôtre, à quoi ressemblerait-elle, d' équipe? N'hésitez pas à partager vos équipes de rêve.

Bonus + Notes:


Additional teams (click to expend for these )/ Equipes additionelles (cliquez pour agrandir)



France, Olympic Games of Los Angeles in 1984. Gold medal.

France J.O 84

France 1985, Intercontinental Cup of Nations Winner (Artemio Franchi Trophy)

France IC 1985

France 2001, winner of the Confederation Cup
France 2001 Conf. Cup

France 2003, winner of the Confederation Cup

France 2003 Conf. Cup

Finally a few notes:
We must cite "additional players" for some teams:
1966 team: + Combin, De Bourgoing (Argentine-french) and De Michèle to be complete about all the players used for the 3 games. De Michèle played the first match.
1984: + Amoros and Genghini.
1996: + A. Roche, Pedros and Lamouchi.
1998: + Leboeuf in Final (for Blanc, suspended) and the young ones, Vieira, Trezeguet and maybe most of all Henry.
2000: + Pirès and Wiltord.

Et enfin quelques notes:
Il faut citer:
1966: + Combin, De Bourgoing (franco-argentins) et De Michèle. De Michèle participa au premier match.
1984: + Amoros et Genghini.
1996: + A. Roche, Pedros et Lamouchi.
1998: + Leboeuf en Finale (pour Blanc suspendu) et les jeunes Vieira, Trezeguet et peut-être surtout Henry.
2000: + super-subs Pirès, Wiltord and Trezeguet.