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Australia Socceroos' lineups

Australia Socceroos' lineups.

World Cup 1974 in West Germany : Group Stage.

Australia, 1974 World Cup
East Germany - Australia : 2-0
Australia - West Germany : 0-3
Australia - Chile : 0-0

Warren played in the first match. Campbell played the first half against the hosts before to be substitued with Abonyi who would play all the rest.
Warren played at the inside right position as on the drawing and so Campbell then Abonyi did. They were more strikers and less playmakers than Warren, especially Abonyi (it seems that Campbell was neither one thing or the other to be honest).
Ollerton (striker) entered in the games with West Germany and Chile replacing Buljevic then Alston.

1997 Confederation Cup runners-up, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Australia, 1997 Confederations Cup
Mexico - Australia : 1-3 (Viduka, Aloisi, Mori)
Australia - Brazil : 0-0
Saudi Arabia - Australia : 1-0
Uruguay - Australia : 0-1 a.e.t (Kewell)
Brazil - Australia : 6-0

Presented as in the final.
Aloisi, Muscat and Bingsley came in from the bench.

3rd at the Confederations Cup 2001 in South Korea and Japan.

Mexico - Australia : 0-2 (Murphy, Skoko)
Australia - France : 1-0 (Zane)
South Korea - Australia : 1-0
Japan - Australia : 1-0
Australia - Brazil : 1-0 (Murphy)
All games played in South Korea apart from the game with Japan.

The team changed quite a lot during that tournament. One constant was Zane as the centre forward. He paired with Zdrilic against Mexico and Brazil.
At midfield, it usually consisted in Lazaridis, Corica, Okon (capt.), and Skoko at central midfield but Skoko did not play against Japan and Okon did not play against Brazil. Emerton was added to these 4 against France.
Still in this sector, Bresciano played against the two hosting nations. Chipperfield against Japan and Brazil. There was 5 midfielders against Japan, like against France and Zdrilic was here the starter at the centre forward position instead of Zane.
In defense, T. Vidmar played everything (on the left side). Then Muscat, Moore and Popovic were the most used. Murphy played against Mexico, South Korea (in a 5-man defense with Foxe on the right at the start and Popovic not in use) and against Brazil against whom he scored the winner for the bronze medal.
In the goals Schwarzer was playing here his first tournament for Australia (he played all the games in full).

Still in 2001, on the 11th November, Australia welcomed France for a friendly match in Melbourne with Viduka and Kewell back on the team. A new positive result was registered by the socceroos against the World and European champions who travelled far from the old continent very often in those times. 1-1 (Moore 44th, Trezeguet 48th).

Here's this team (Aloisi replaced Muscat at the 58th minute after that the latter had hurted Dugarry and Bresciano replaced Skoko at the 73rd minute).

Australia 2001, in the friendly against France
So it was nother prestigious result that year, but the Socceroos would have to wait some time before to go to the World Cup finals for the second time. It would be in 2006, in Germany again.

World Cup 2006 in Germany : round of 16.

As against Italy in the Round of 16 :

Australia, World Cup 2006
Australia - Japan : 3-1 (Cahill x2, Aloisi)
Brazil - Australia : 2-0
Croatia - Australia : 2-2 (Moore pen., Kewell)
Italy - Australia : 1-0 in injury time

Emerton was a starter during the group stage but was sent-off against Croatia.
Kewell played the full game against Japan, came in from the bench against Brazil and played the full game against Croatia but did not play against Italy.
Cahill replaced Bresciano at the 53rd min. against Japan, was subbed off for Kewell at the same minute against Brazil and played the full-time against Croatia then Italy. 
Aloisi (forward) came in from the bench in every games. Kennedy made a couple of appearances during the group stage.

World Cup 2010 in South Africa : group stage.

Australia, World Cup 2010
Germany - Australia : 4-0
Ghana - Australia : 1-1 (Holman)
Australia - Serbia : 2-1 (Cahill, Holman)

Player1/ P2/ P3 indicates who were the three different starters at these same positions along the three matches (the formation was not changed).
Moore was suspended for the match against Serbia and was replaced by Beauchamp.
Chipperfield lost the left back spot to Carney after the first match then came in from the bench at midfield, two times, at the 66th min. each time.
Grella lost his spot after the first game too.
Bresciano started to play since match #2 (Grella, Valeri and Culina were all playing against Germany). Garcia was the left midfielder in the very first match.
Holman is the one who appeared in every match, that is as a starter (match #2) or coming from the bench. Kewell made ony one appearance.

Asian Cup 2011 runners-up.

Australia, Asian Cup 2011
India - Australia : 0-4 (Cahill x2, Kewell, Holman)
Australia - South Korea : 1-1 (Jedinak)
Australia - Bahrain : 1-0 (Jedinak)
Australia - Iraq : 1-0 a.e.t (Kewell)
Uzbekistan - Australia : 0-6 (Kewell, Ognenovski, Carney, Emerton, Valeri, Kruse)
Australia - Japan : 0-1 a.e.t

The starting-11 was the same during all the k-o stages games.
About the wings, the caracteristics of Holman are those of a more attacking player than McKay, in theory. Holman cutted-in more anyway. Against Iraq, Holman played on the left and McKay on the right.
Emerton replaced Holman at the hour of play of the final against Japan. Still in the final, Kruse and Kilkenny replaced the attacking duo Cahill and Kewell during extra-time.

World Cup 2014 in Brazil : group stage.

Australia, World Cup 2014
Chile - Australia : 3-1 (Cahill)
Australia - Netherlands : 2-3 (Cahill, Jedinak pen.)
Australia - Spain : 0-3

The constant was the defense (including midfielder Jedinak and goalie) since McGowan replaced Franjic at the 49th minute of the very first match with Chile.
It is a bit more complicated from the midfield to the front as different formations and men were used afterwards : it's still a 4-2-3-1 against The Netherlands but it's a 4-3-3 against Spain.
First, we'll take note that Cahill played the two first games at the centre forward position but not the last one (replaced by Taggart, who played only one half before to be replaced by attacking midfielder Halloran).
As for Bresciano : same thing as with Cahill (but he came in from the bench against Spain though). Bresciano played as the central (offensive) midfielder in the 4-2-3-1 of the first two games and was numerically replaced by Bozanic who played left midfielder in a 4-3-3 against Spain.
The midfield trio was in fact inverted in this last game against Spain with Jedinal as central defensive midfielder instead of the more advanced central (attacking) midfielder of the 4-2-3-1 who was Bresciano.
The central midfield duo of the first two games consisted of Jedinak + Milligan then of the same Jedinak + McKay. When coach Postecoglou opted for the 4-3-3 against Spain (what was a defensible choice by the way), McKay was still there and as seen previously, Brozovic completed the midfield trio instead of Bresciano.
MacKay was more left central midfielder in the 4-2-3-1 and right midfielder in the 4-3-3.
Franjic and Mulligan having lost their spots early in the competition (most of all Franjic), they don't appear on the drawing.
Leckie-Oar was always the starting pair on the wings. As for their individual caracteristics, Leckie was more of a winger and Oar more of a midfielder.
Before to start against Spain, Brozovic and Taggart had participated to the game against The Netherlands.
Offensive midfielders or wingers, Halloran and Troisi were the most used subs with respectively 3 and 2 appearances coming from the bench. 

Asian Cup 2015 champions.

Australia, Asian Cup 2015
Australia - Kuweit : 4-1 (Cahill, Luongo, Jedinak pen., Troisi)
oman - Australia : 0-4 (McKay, Kruse, Milligan pen., Juric)
Australia - South Korea : 0-1
China - Australia : 0-2 (Cahill x2)
Australia - United Arab Emirates : 2-0 (Sainsbury, Davidson)
South Korea - Australia : 1-2 a.e.t (Luongo, Troisi)

The starting-11 of the semi-finals and of the final. Juric regularly replaced Cahill at the centre of the attack except for the game against China during which he stood on the bench. He was the starter in the last group stage match against South Korea, playing this game in full (Cahill came in for the last 20 minutes when it was 0-1, instead of another offensive player).
Troisi and McKay replaced Kruse and Franjic between the 70th and 75th minute of the final when Juric was already in (instead of Cahill) since the hour of play (since the 63rd minute precisely).

World Cup 2018 in Russia : group stage.

Australia, 2018 World Cup
France - Australia : 2-1 (Jedinak pen.)
Denmark - Australia : 1-1 (Jedinak pen.)
Australia - Peru : 0-2

The team was always the same along the three games. 
The thing is about the centre forward position : Nabbout started in the first two games and was subbed out for Juric at the 64th then the 75th. The last named started against Peru for the 3rd match against Peru and was replaced by Cahill at the 53rd minute. Cahill made here his last World Cup performance when the dream of a qualification was fading away. Nabbout did not play in this match.
Irvine and Arzani were used as subs in every games by Bert van Marwijk.

Australia was also twice semi-finalist at the Olympic Games : in 1956 in Melbourne (win over Japan and defeat to India) and in 1988 (wins over Yugoslavia and Nigeria, losses to the eventual finalists Brazil and the Soviet Union). The 1988 team had Wade and Farina, also Mitchell, Arnold and Kosmina. And Tobin who made the Confed' Cup final in '97. Slater was a squad member and the captain was Yankos.

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