lundi 16 juillet 2018

Croatia Football National Team Historical Lineups

Croatia national team historical lineups in the World Cup and the Euro.

Croatia 1996, quarter-finalists at the Euro England (beaten by Germany) :

Croatia 1996
The first international tournament of Croatia as a recognized independant country, lead by his striker Suker.
Asanovic (Jurcevic) explanation : Jurcevic was a solution of substitution to Asanovic (Jurcevic was more of a defensive lateral/ midfielder when Asanovic was before all a an attacking midfielder, even if he modificated a bit his game with a bigger will to defend in the period 96-98). At the same time, Asanovic replaced a disappointing Prosinecki on the other hand of the midfield.

Croatia 1998, semi-finalist of the French World Cup (beaten by France) and  3rd of the tourney.

Croatia 1998
Prosinecki was part of the 23 but lost his spot at the end of the group stage. He reappeared in the last minute(s) of the game with France in the semis.

Croatia 2008, beaten by Turkey in the quarter-finals of the Euro held in Austria and Switzerland : 

Croatia 2008
With also the strikers Mladen Petrić and Ivan Klasnić who entered in the quarter-finals. Klasnić even opened the score in the last minute of the extra-time for his team, him who was just back on the fields after a complicated disease. But Turkey scored an equalizer in the last seconds of the additional time of extra-time and won it on penalties.

Croatia 2018, runner-up of the World Cup 2018 held in Russia (beaten by France).

Croatia 2018
With that particularity that they won all of their k-o games after the full-time : once in extra-time (England in the semi-finals) and two times in a penalty shootout (against Denmark in the Round of 16 and against the hosts, Russia, in the quarter-finals). Until the final, lost within the 90 minutes.

dimanche 15 juillet 2018

World Cup 2018 lineups

32 teams tournament held in Russia.

France 2018
Mains subs : Tolisso (mf) and Fékir (am)...

Runner-up : Croatia.
Croatia 2018

Semi-finalist and 3rd : Belgium (synthesis).
Belgium 2018
Winner of Brazil in the quarter-finals then eliminated by France in the semi-finals (without Meunier, suspended). Fellaini was not a starter in the beginning of the competition and did not participated in the 3rd place match won against England.

Semi-finalist and 4th : England.
England 2018
Eliminated by Croatia in the last-4. Twice defeated by Belgium (group stage and 3rd place game). One compelling win in the quarter-finals against a good Swedish team.

Apart from Sweden, the other quarter-finalists were Uruguay (France), Brazil (Belgium, as already seen) and the hosts Russia, winners of Spain (which got rid of his headcoach 2 days before the start of the tournament) in the Round of 16 after a quite tranquilous group stage phase (wins over Saudi Arabia and Egypt, defeat to Uruguay) and finally beaten by Croatia in a penalty shoot-out.

Honorable mention to the Japan team (round of 16).

World Cup Lineups by edition (minimum 4 teams) :  
1930 - 1934 - 1938 - 1950 - 1954 - 1958 - 1962 - 1966 - 1970 - 1974 - 1978 - 1982 - 1986 - 1990 - 1994 - 1998 - 
2002 - 2006 - 2010 - 2014

The articles "by country" may countain more teams, like Russia or Uruguay, in this case with the 2018 teams wich are included.

jeudi 12 juillet 2018

Raoul Lambert (fiche football)

Raoul Lambert, "un cannonier bien tranquille".

Peter Pazmandy (fiche football)

Le football tchécoslovaque (fiche football)

En photo : Anton Ondrus soulève le trophée Henri Delaunay alors que la Tchécoslovaquie s'adjuge la Coupe d'Europe des Nations 1976 aux dépends de la République Fédérale Allemande.

Nico Braun (fiche football)

Omar Sahnoun (fiche football)

Per Röntved, "le géant au grand cœur" (fiche football)

Rolf Rüssmann (fiche football)

Georg Volkert (fiche football)