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Former Soviet Union National Teams XI at Euros and World Cups

Historical lineups of the former Soviet Union or USSR (CCCP), of Russia, of Ukraine.

The 1960 Soviet Union team  : winner of the first Euro championship, the European Nations Cup in France.

Soviet Union 1960
The 1964 Soviet Union team  : runner-up of the Euro in Spain.

Soviet Union 1964
Gusarov played in the semis, Korneev played in the Final.

The 1966 Soviet Union team  : semi-finalist of the World Cup in England and 4th.

Voronine was the "centre-half". Danilov a left-back who could go forward at times.

The 1968 Soviet Union team  : semi-finalist and 4th at the Euro held in Italy.

Soviet Union 1968

The 1972 Soviet Union team  : runner-up at the Euro held in Belgium.

Soviet Union 1972

 The 1988 Soviet Union team  : runner-up at the Euro held in West Germany.

Soviet Union 1988
The Belarusian Gotsmanov played the Final. Instead of Kuznetsov, suspended. Demyanenko, who replaced Bezsonov after 35 minutes of play in the semi-finals against Italy, played the Final.
More than the half of the team was composed with Dynamo Kiev players. The Soviet Union coach, Lobanovsky, was also the coach of the Ukrainian club.

The Soviet Union team was also a World Cup quarter-finalist in three occasions : in 1958, 1962 and in 1970. And also reached the second round of the Mundial 82 that decided of the semi-finalists (last 12). Round of 16 in 1986.

The Soviet Union was effectively dissolved on December 26, 1991.

The team of Russia, quarter-finalist at the Euro England in 1996 :

Russia 1996
Note : Tetradze was an offensive right-back.

The team of Ukraine, quarter-finalist at the 2006 World Cup, in Germany :

Ukraine 2006
Here's the XI of the "play-offs". A 16-men squad (in gross) with also Vorobei, Rebrov, Vaschuk, Rotan and Yezerskiy.

The team of Russia semi-finalist at the Euro 2008 in Austria and in Switerland :

Russia 2008
With offensive full-backs, most of all Zhirkov (could have placed them two a bit higher on the draw).

Russia organized the 2018 World Cup... and the team reached the quarter-finals.

Russia 2018
Dzagoev (AM) was out after 24 minutes in the first game against Saudi Arabia and replaced by Cheryshev (he'd only reappeared in the q-f's against Croatia, from the bench, at the 102nd minute). 
Smolov was the starting CF in the same match before being replaced by Dzyuba as the starter.
Gazinksy lost his place at midfield to the benefit of Kuzyayev at the half time of the third groups stage match against Uruguay.
Zhirkov played the two first groups stage matches. He then was the LB in a back-5 in the R16 against Spain while Cheryshev was benched, but did not play in the q-f's.

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