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1998 World Cup Line-ups


 Leboeuf played the Final instead of Blanc, suspended.
 + the young Vieira, Pirès, Henry and Trezeguet, all important in this success.
Boghossian, Dugarry and Vieira entered in the Final.

Runner-up : Brazil.

Brazil 1998
Denilson entered at the half-time of the Final instead of Leonardo. Edmundo replaced César Sampaïo  20 minutes before the end.

Semi-finalist (beaten by France) and  3rd : Croatia.

Croatia 1998
Prosinecki was part of the 23 but lost his spot at the end of the group stage. He reappeared in the last minute(s) of the game with France in the semis.

Semi-finalist (eliminated by Brazil in a penatly shoot-out) and  4th : The Nertherlands.

As they lined against Brazil :

Netherlands 1998
As they lined against Brazil (difficult to make a synthesis 11 and the best 11 possible for the Oranje team had probably to be this one). Numan, the usual left back of this team was suspended after a red card in the quarter-finals against Argentina and was replaced at this position by Cocu, usually employed at midifeld in this selection and not Bogarde due to the latter was injured. Numan was numerically replaced by Zenden, preferred to Overmars.
Winter replaced Reiziger since the 56th minute of this match with Brazil.
Zenden could operate like a winger on the left side when R. de Boer was more like a "strict midfielder", able at once to defend and to make the play.

+ Amongst the quarter-finalists, Italy (eliminated by France in a penalty shootout) :

Italy 1998
Nesta get injured in the last match of groups and was replaced by veteran player Bergomi on the right of the defense.
Albertini was a sub against France. He came in for Dino Baggio at the 52nd minute.
Roberto Baggio and Alessandro Del Piero were in balance during the tournament like in a sort of "staffetta", like with Rivera and Mazzola in the past. However the youngest of the two, new sensation Del Piero was well the starter against Norway in the Round of 16 (Baggio did not play) and against France in the quarter-finals.

To be complete on Del Piero/ Baggio :

Italy - Chile : 2-2 (Baggio 1 goal on pen.). Baggio : 90 mins. Del Piero was not used.
Italy - Cameroon : 3-0. Baggio started and was replaced by Del Piero at the 67th minute.
Italy - Austria : 2-1. Del Piero started and Baggio replaced him at the 72th minute. Baggio scored the winner at the 89th minute.
Round of 16 :
Italy - Norway : 1-0. Del Piero started and was replaced by Chiesa at the 77th minute. Baggio did not play.
France - Italy : 0-0 (3-4). Del Piero started and was replaced by Baggio at the 67th minute. Baggio had a clear chance in the game in a face to face with Barthez of which the French was the winner. After extra-time, Baggio was the first shooter of his team in the penalty shoot-out and scored. But two of his temmates missed against one miss only on the French side (3-4).

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