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1990 World Cup Lineups

Formations from the 1990 World Cup, Italia 90. West Germany's Mannschat, Maradona's Argentina, Careca's Brazil, Milla's Cameroon, Jack Charlton's Ireland, Gascoigne's England Three Lions, Stojkovic's Yugoslavia, Scifo's Belgium, the Diables Rouges, Moravcik's Czechoslovakia and of course the Squadra Azzura of Baresi and Schilacci.


As in the Final. Reuter entered for Berthold at the 73rd minute. Buchwald was at the marking of Maradona.

Runner-up : Argentina.

Argentina 1990
 As they lined in the Final. Calderon for Burruchaga at the 53rd minute and Monzon instead of Ruggeri for the second half (Monzon sent-off at the 65th minute, Dezotti too in the last minutes of the match).
Burruchaga was more at midfield and Maradona more upfront here contrarily to what happened in the 1986 Final. That being, after some minutes in the 1st half, Maradona stood at midfield in order to recovery his energy and to eventually organize his team-play, so from a deeper position. At this moment, Burruchaga and Troglio were the ones who tried to go forward in support of Dezotti who was replacing here the young and very fast Caniggia absent for the ultimate game like other usual starters in this tournament knock-out phase in Olarticoechea (left back) and Giusti (right midfielder), through suspension. Another player of this squad who did not play in the Final was the defensive midfielder Batista who lost his spot at midfield after the group stage and made his last appearance in the overtime against Italy in the semi-finals.

Semi-finalist and 3rd : Italy.

Italy 1990
Semi-finalist and 4th : England.

England 1990
G.M Stevens lost his spot after England's inaugural match against the Republic of Ireland, but reappears for the 3rd place match during which he played with Parker who took the right back position spot in between the two aforementioned matches, i.e the ''whole competition'' finally.
Beardsley took the spot of Barnes since he replaced him at the half-time of the match with Cameroon in the quarter-finals. Barnes or Beardsley were more winger/ second striker when Waddle, the right winger, had more to stay at midfield.

Quarter-finalists :

First of all, Cameroon, the big revelation and very enjoyable team of the tournament.

Cameroon 1990
The "Indommitable Lions" and their super-sub Roger Milla, first African team ever to reach the quarter-finals. 
Synthetis-11, not the one which was aligned against England. N'Dip, the precious midfielder Kana-Biyik and M'Bouh were not in this game. It was Libiih, Pagal and Maboang (60 mins. against Romania, 90 mins against Colombia and 46 against England, replaced by Milla). Another sub in attack was Ekéké. + Onana (def.), 3 matches.

Then let's continue with Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia 1990
As against Argentina and quite likely the typical team for this tournament. Hadzibegic libero, Spasic stopper (on Caniggia mainly). Sabanadzovic was at the marking of Maradona, so his presence in this zone there where Maradona roamed most of the time in this match. In the case of an Argentinian attack through the right, Prosinecki helped his defense into this zone. In attack the trio Susic (then Savicevic at the hour of play), Prosinecki, Stojkovic could obviously exchange their positions at times in order to try to surprise their opponents.

Now, less artistic as a whole but with some very solid players and still two ball players in Hasek and Moravcik, Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakia 1990

The Republic of Ireland.

Republic of Ireland 1990
Here's the XI that is defeated only in the quarter-finals against the hosting team Italy (0-1), after three draw games in the First Round (England, Holland, Egypt) and had gone throught the Round of 16 by beating Romania in a penalty shootout.

Two other teams, from the Round of 16 :


Brazil 1990
And Belgium.

Belgium 1990
With a 33 years old Ceulemans and a 36 years old Gerets. Contrarily to his neighbour Holland, Belgium maanaged to win a match, even two in the first round (Uruguay and South Korea).

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