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2010 World Cup Lineups

Tournament held in South Africa.


Spain 2010
 With Xavi, it is true, more central than usually when more right midfielder.

Runner-up : The Netherlands.

The Netherlands 2010
Semi-finalist and 3rd, Germany.

Germany 2010
Semi-finalist and 4th, Uruguay :

Uruguay 2010
 Synthesis-eleven. The Uruguyan team is presented here in its most offensive form with its trio of attack (in a 4-3-1-2), Uruguay could also play in a "classic 4-4-2" which is actually more classic from them. Like against The Netherlands in the semis (as Suarez was suspended) with both of Arévalo and Gargano in the 11 (with Pérez as DM but on the right side and A.Pereira, on the left, as usual in a role of piston). Earlier in the competition, this 4th midfielder once was A.Fernadez, on the right, in a a role of attacking midfielder. It was against Ghana and in the first half only. It was I.Gonzales, but on the left, against France, also once, during one hour. Finally, here is presented a "typical 11" which was not that typical but which was the one aligned against the hosts South Africa as well as against Mexico in the first round and also against South Korea in the round of 16. Kind of an ideal 11 here (but actually used, against supposed lesser oppositions as just seen).
3rd CD and 5th defender in the 23-men squad" Victorino played the semis instead of Lugano. He had already played in the quarter-finals instead of Godin and also RB in the group stage against France. South American star Sebastian Abreu (FWD) appeared on the pitches for the last 15 minutes in three occasions - it was in the matches against France, Ghana and Holland - but did not bring anything to the team.

Quarter-finalists :

Ghana, the third and last up to date Arican quarter-finalist at a World Cup (after Cameroon in 1990 and Senegal in 2002).

Ghana 2010
Muntari and Inkoom played in the quarter-finals instead of the usual starters Tagoe and André Ayew. The famous Stephen Appiah only appeared in two occasions, from the bench. In the first match against Serbia and in this quarter-final against Uruguay.


Argentina 2010
 Swept-off by Germany. 4-0. Maradona (see the 1986 and 1990 articles linked at the end) was the coach.


Brazil 2010
 Lost to Holland.


Paraguay 2010
Quarter-finalist and beaten by the eventual champion 1-0 like in 1998.
Presented as they lined in the quarter-finals. Bonet was the right back in the two first group matches and in the round of 16 (and Caniza was in the third group stage match). Veron was in the quarter-finals.
+ Vera who started 3 times at midfield in the first round + strikers Santa Cruz and Barrios who like Vera came in from the bench against Spain.

+ Slovakia, round of 16.

Slovakia 2010
Defeated by the Dutch team but not without honour in the Round of 16. Presented as they lined against The Netherlands. Plus Strba (DM) who played the three matches in the first round but also Sestak, AM/ ST, unfortunate during this competition, the first World tournament for Slovakia. Seen as a potential star player for the team, Holosko only appeared twice as a sub in the group stage.

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