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1950 World Cup lineups

13 teams tournament held in Brazil.

At the start there was a bit more than 30 teams engaged in the qualifiers. Austria, Belgium (in the last minute), the Eastern Europe countries, Holland refused to take part in it. Argentina refused to take part in the qualifying tournament as well (Ecuador and Peru the same).
Qualified, Scotland chose to not play in the finals. France (called back in spite of his elimination against Yugoslavia), refused to make the travel to participate in the event. India won the Asian qualifiers due to the forfeits of all the three other teams intended to play but did not make the travel to Brazil as they were unauthorized by FIFA to play without shoes.

1st phase (*: qualified for the final pool, a mini-championship):

Group A : Brazil*, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Mexico.
Group B : Spain*, England, Chile, United States. England first participation ever. The U.S.A beats England 1-0.
Group C : Sweden*, Italy, Paraguay. Forfeit : India.
Group D : Uruguay*, Bolivia. Forfeit : Turkey, Scotland.

Final pool : 1. Uruguay 
Day 1 : BRA-SWE : 7-1, URU-SPA : 2-2.
Day 2 : BRA-SPA : 6-1, URU-SWE 3-2.
Day 3 : BRA-URU : 1-2, SWE-ESP 3-1. Both matches were played on the same day at the same hour, 15:00, with an offical number of 11.000 as the attendance at Pacaembu (SP) for Sweden vs Spain. And near 174.000 at the Maracanã for Brazil vs Uruguay.

Final pool winner and World Champion, URUGUAY, who beats Brazil in the Maracaña ("Maracanãzo") in the last day match. This match stood as the Final and here is the Uruguyan formation that won against all odds :

Uruguay 1950
Let's precise that Uruguay went back against Sweden and beat them in the second day match of the Final pool only after the Swedish team was reduced to 10 men due to one player's injury (no substitutions allowed at the time). At 11 against 11, it was still 2-1 in favor of the Swedes of Raynor around the hour of play (this was the score at half-time) when this match fact happened. Jönsson was the injured player, a striker who played in the last game against Spain so probably (must search for further details) that he had to do with "fatigue", maybe a blow/ knock. 
Maybe that Uruguay could have win at 11 men against 11, we'll never know, but the fact remains that after the Jönsson's injury, "there was now only one team on the pitch" so to speak.

Second : Brazil.

Brazil 1950
3rd : Sweden.

2 schemas here. With first the typical team from the group stage until the deroute against Brazil in the final pool's first day match : player1/ player 2= player match against Italy/ player match 2 against Paraguay. Then it must be added that against Brazil (first match of the 'final pool'), the pair of wingers was Sundqvist on the right and S. Nilsson on the left.
The second schema shows the team that played against Uruguay then Spain, that with two different centre forwards. Once again the first named, by starting reading from the left, played the first match so the second replaced him for the very last match.

Sweden 1950 1st Round + Brazil in the 'final pool'
So once again with Sundqvist on the right and S. Nilsson on the left against Brazil in the 1st day match of the final pool (p1/ p2 = match against Italy/ match against Paraguay in the 1st round).

And now the team that played the two last games :

Sweden 1950 in the "final pool" against Uruguay then Spain
So we take note that Gunnar Johansson, Bror Mellberg and Egon Jönsson replaced respectively Knut Nordahl, Lenart Skoglund and Stellan Nilsson. These three substitutes then made a career in France, like S. Nilsson, while the usual starters K. Nordahl (one of the two brothers of Gunnar), Skoglund (the young phenomenon of the team) and Hesse Jeppson (the star of the team) made a career in Italy (by the way he has scored his two goals i nthe competition against the Italians). Jeppson was replaced in the last match as he was, after the match against Uruguay, gutted to the point that he decided to stop playing. This resignation that Raynor and the whole Swede delegation categoratically refused in in a first time, and then at one point stopped trying to avoid, has permitted to Ingvar Rydell to make his only one appearance in the World Cup. As for our star Jeppson, he from then on never played again for the national team again. After a stopover in Charlton in '51, he made a fortune in Italy, at Napoli in particular.

4th :  Spain.

Spain 1950

Two other teams with first, Yugoslavia.
In the same group as the hosting nation Brazil, they could not qualify for the final pool (two wins and one loss against the hosts). This was the team of the duo Bobek-Mitic. Presented as they lined against Brazil.

Yugoslavia 1950
In the two first games, Bobek was the inside left, Tomasevic the centre forward and Vukas the left winger. Ognjanov against Switzerland then P. Mihajlovic against Mexico were the players who were successively assigned to the right winger role in the two first matches.

And at last England, participating here in Brazil, in 1950 for the first time ever in a World Cup. In Brazil. Here they beat Chile 2-0 before to be beaten by... The United States then by Spain 1-0. For its first major international tournament,  the Three Lions team can't go through the group stage (second behind Spain).

And here's the England XI at the 1950 World Cup :

England 1950
The schema is abit complicated. Eckersley, Baily and Milburn played in the last game against Spain. Like Matthews, obviously aligned on the right wing instead of Finney who replaced Mullen (starter in the first two games) on the left.
Mannion played the first match at the inside right position before to repositioned inside left for the game against the U.S.A. He did not play the last game, Baily did. Mortensen started the tournament at the inside leftt position and played the two following games as the inside right of the team , so alongside his best teammate (Matthews, Blackpool), against Spain. Matthews (35 years old) was unfit for the two first games which had to be only a formality. But were not.

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