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Raymond Dubly - Statistiques détaillées en Equipe de France

Raymond DUBLY (né en 1893) - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

Raymond DUBLY (born in 1893) - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

#Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
#Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A  (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

  2.__1913__Friendly__H__England Am._____1-4_____0--0
  3.__1913__Friendly__A__Switzerland_____4-1_____1--0  (overwhelming and shoot)
  5.__1914__Friendly__H__Belgium_________4-3_____1--0  (strong shoot)
  8.__1920__Friendly__A__Italy___________4-9_____1--0  (shoot)
 11.__1920__Friendly__H__England Am._____0-5_____0--0
 14.__1921__Friendly__H__Ireland Am._____1-2_____0--1
 17.__1921__Friendly__H__England Am._____2-1_____0--2
 23.__1923__Friendly__H__Switzerland_____2-2_____1--0  (6 m. on a cross by Devaquez)
 31 international games/ 4 goals/ 13 assists.

Jeux Olympiques/ Olympic Games : 4/ 0/ 4 (2 participations).

Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Dubly avec noms des buteurs (évidemment invériafble sur film).
Detailed list of the Dubly's assists with scorers' names (obviously unverifiable on film).

Luxembourg 1913 (Maes x2 on crosses) - Switzerland 1914 (cross to Gastiger) - Czechoslovakia 1920 (ck for Boyer) - Ireland Amateur 1921 (fk for Hughes who takes the ball and charge the gk at the same time) - England Amateur 1921 (crosses to Devaquez then Boyer) - Belgium 1923 (cross to a Isbecque volley) - England 1923 (cross to Devaquez at the 6 m.) - Belgium 1924 (on fk for Gross) - Lettonia 1924 (cross to P. Nicolas, Crut on ck, cross to Boyer)

"Demi-passes décisives"/ "Half-assists" :
Switzerland 1914 (centre pour Devic, celui-ci dribble avant de shooter/ cross to Devic, this one dribbles before shooting).

Il était à l'origine d'un bon nombre d'autres buts en initiant une attaque ou en provoquant des mauvaises relances adverses suite à ses centres.
He was at the origin of a good number of other goals one way or another (initiated an attack in dribble, by his crosses not always well controlled by the opponent defense...for example).

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