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1978 World Cup Line-ups

The 1978 World Cup was held in Argentina.


Runner-up : Holland.

Holland 1978
Semi-finalist and 3rd : Brazil.

Brazil 1978
Zico did not convince. He started in the XI in the two very first match then became a subsitute. He started in the last second phase game against Poland but was subbed out after 7 minutes (he did not play in the 3rd place match).

Semi-finalist and 4th : Italy.

Italy 1978
Belluggi was replaced at the half-time of the second game of Italy in the second phase. With Cuccuredu who finished the tournament in central defense alongside Scirea.

Plus amongst the last 8 of the second phase :

Poland, 3rd in the group B, ranked behind Argentina and Brazil but before Peru.

Poland 1978
Kukla replaced Tomaszewski for the two last matches of Poland against Peru (1-0 win) and Brazil (0-3, that was 0-2 against Argentina). The talentuous but since a long time handicaped with injuries Lubanski finally participated into a World Cup, here, in '78. Now a "veteran" he was a starter at the begining of the competion, but the former inside-left was quickly replaced by a young Boniek on the left wing of the attack to become his turn the substitute for the redhead revelation player.

Austria, last of the group A in the second phase.

Austria 1978
 Last in the group A behind Holland, Italy and West Germany. Beats West Germany in the third match.
 Hickersberger, right midfielder could attack as well but in a different style of Kreuz who was more of a "natural striker" so to speak : more like an attacking midfielder concerning the first named, more like a winger/ striker for the second. Hickersberger defended more too, or in any case a bit  better.
Jara and Schachner were in balance during the whole competition except in the very  first match of it where they played together. Schachner was preffered to Jara in the very last game against West Germany but was subbed out at the 70th minute (for Oberacher, another young striker of 24 years. Schachner was only 21. Jara was 28).

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