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A Selection of Argentinian footballers of the French league from Yesterday to Today.

As posted in August 2011 on Xtratime Forum. Exhaustive list of players up to August 2011.

After « A Selection of Brazilians footballers of the french league from yesterday to today » thread, here is « A Selection of Argentinians footballers of the French league from yesterday to today ». Understand, Qatar inspires me.


The 11:

Argentinians of the French League All-time XI

GK: Sergio Goycoechea (Brest) 
The only Argentine GK in France until Romero went through Monaco.
FB: Gabriel Heinze (Paris SG, Ol. de Marseille)
SW: Osvaldo Piazza (AS Saint-Etienne)
DC: Nestor Fabbri (FC Nantes, EA Guingamp)
LWB: Juan Pablo Sorin (Paris SG)
AM/PM: Marcelo Gallardo (AS Monaco, Paris SG)
AM/PM: José Omar Pastoriza (AS Monaco)
AM/PM: Ramon Angel Diaz (AS Monaco)
AM/PM: Jorge Luis Burruchaga (FC Nantes, Valenciennes)
CF: Delio Onnis (AS Monaco)
CF: Carlos Bianchi (Stade de Reims, Paris SG, Strasbourg)

Some others:

From the 1930 World Cup team:
Guillermo Stabile (Red Star)
Mario Evaristo (Antibes, Nice)
Alexandre Scopelli (Red Star 1938-39)

From the 1966 World Cup:
José Omar Pastoriza (AS Monaco)

From the 1974 World Cup:
Hector Yazalde (Olympique de Marseille)
Angel Bargas (FC Nantes, FC Metz, then Louhans-Cuiseaux, Le Puy and finally AS Angoulême)

From the 1978 & 1982 World Cup:
Enzo Trossero (FC Nantes)
Osvaldo Ardilès (PSG)
Alberto Tarantini (Toulouse FC)

From the 1982 World Cup:
Ramon Diaz (AS Monaco)
Santiago Santamaria (Stade de Reims)

From the 1982, 1986 and 1990 World Cups:
Julio Olarticoechea (FC Nantes) - left after one year as he was used on the sides when he preferred to play as a CB. That is the sportive reason.

From the 1986 World Cup:
José Luis Brown (Brest)
José Luis Cuciuffo (Nîmes Olympique)
Carlos Daniel Tapia (Brest)

From the 1986 and 1990 World Cups:
S. Goycoechea (Brest)
Jorge Luis Burruchaga (FC Nantes, Valenciennes)

From the 1990 World Cup:
Gabriel Calderon (PSG, Caen)
Nestor Fabbri (FC Nantes, EA Guimgamp)
Juan Simon (AS Monaco, RC Strasbourg)

From the 1994 World Cup:
Leonardo Rodriguez (SC Toulon).

From the 1998 and 2002 World Cups:
Marcelo Gallardo (AS Monaco, PSG)

From the 2002 World Cup:
Mauricio Pochettino (PSG, Bordeaux)
Diego Placente (Bordeaux)

From the 2002 and 2006 World Cups:
Juan Pablo Sorin (PSG)

From the 2006 World Cup:
Leandro Cufré (AS Monaco)
Javier Saviola (AS Monaco)

From the 30s:
Juan Esposto with Mario Evarsito (1930 NT) in Antibes. Once again, Stabile then Scopelli at Red Star.
Henri Bellunza (Excelsior Roubaix then Le Havre in 1945-46)
Attilio Bernascuni (Rennes, Lille)
Hugo Lamanna (CA Paris)
Miguel Angel Lauri (Sochaux)
José Pérez (RC Paris)
Raul Sbarra (Sochaux, Valenciennes)
Horacio Tellechea (Metz)
Oscar Tellechea (Sochaux, Metz)
Carlos Volante (Rennes, Lille, CA Paris)

From the 40s:
Randolfo Cisneros (RC Strasbourg, Racing CF, Angers SCO)

From the 50s:
Roberto Aballay (FC Nancy, FC Metz)
Roberto Alcaron (Olympique de Marseille) *
José Arias (Stade Français, Troyes)
Ruben Bravo (Nice) **; legend
Luis Carniglia (Nice) **; legend
Raul Conti (AS Monaco) *; a forgotten one who continued his career in Italy.
Osvaldo Dandru (Nice)
Eduardo Di Loreto (Le Havre, Toulouse) *
Hector Cesar 'Pancho' Gonzales (Nice) *; legend
Pedro Lara (Le Havre)
Alex Lombardini (Le Havre)
Juan Carlos Lorenzo (FC Nancy)
José Ismaël Montagnoli (Sochaux, Metz)
Albert Muro (Sochaux, Nice, Nancy) **; legend
Antonio Jorge Porcel (Metz)
Carlos Sosa (RC Paris) ** his legend did not survived to the next decades (in France) as for others but he was rated highly at the time. He was in his 30s. Hard-marker and composed on the ball defender.
Vasquez (RC Paris)
Oscar Vega (Nancy)
Juan Carlos Verdeal (Lille)
Juan Calichio (Rennes)

Ramon Muller (Sochaux, Strasbourg, Nantes)**, legend
José Farias (RC Paris, Strasbourg, Red Star)**, legend (the importer of the «*roulette*» in France)
Robert Marteleur (Lyon), Juan Carlos Auzoberry, Horacio Barrionuevo (Nice), José Angel Cammameri (AS Monaco), José Oscar Florindo (Nancy), Orlando Gauthier (Nancy, Lille, Aix), Ernesto Gianella (Reims, Monaco, Nîmes), Mario Gordiano (Stade Français), Hector Maison (Nice, Lyon)*, Aurelio Mayono (Nancy), Ruben Munoz (Red Star, Strasbourg, Ajaccio), Miguel Perez (Monaco), Juan Risso (Ajaccio), Carlos Robelle (Rouen), Ralando Robinet (Toulon), Raul Rodriguez (Bordeaux), Eduardo Salladare (Stade Français), Rafael Santos (Nantes, Nice then Avignon and Cannes), Alfredo Yorlano (Grenoble), Hector Rial (OM, the Real Madrid unforgettable legend)

Norberto Alonso (Marseille) the famous player spent one season with OM
Oscar Muller (Nantes 74-84, he is the Ramon Muller's son) **; legend
Antonio Ameijenda (Red Star)
Humberto Rafael Bravo (Paris FC)
Roberto Cabral (Lille) we'll say *
Raul Castronovo (AS Nancy)*
Enrique Chazaretta (Avignon)
Ricardo Cherini (Rennes)
Hugo Curioni (Nantes, Metz, Troyes for 5 games, then Montpellier in the early 80s) *; legend
Jesus Fandino (Metz), Miguel Giachello (Troyes), Eduardo Flores (Nancy), Victor Hugo Jarra (Red Star)
CésarAugustine Laraignée (Stade de Reims, Laval)* not far to be a legend
Angel Marcos (Nantes)**; legend
Joaquin Martinez (Laval), Mario Mendoza (Nîmes), Nestor Mourglia (Lyon), Ricardo Montivero (Troyes), Ricardo-Horacio Neumann (Bastia)
Raul Noguès (Marseille, Monaco, Nice, Saint-Etienne, RC Paris) *; legend
Ignacio Pena (Rouen, Reims)
Anibal Tarabini (Monaco)
Hector Toublanc (Rennes), Juan Carlos Trebucq (Troyes), Alfonso Troisi (OM)
Roberto Zywica (Reims, Troyes, Toulouse, GFCO Ajaccio) (his name is still famous, ok for some)

already introduced: A. Bargas (** legend), C. Bianchi (** legend), R. Heredia, J.O Pastoriza (** legend: was sometimes indolent but had a very high-leveled technique), O. Piazza (** legend), S. Santamaria (*: rated high at this time but doesn't reach the legend status what is iniquitous), D. Onnis (** legend), Yazalde (* legend)

Daniel Alberto (Paris FC, Lens, Rouen, Laval)
Juan Cabrera (Bordeaux)
Oscar Muller, yet mentionned as a FC Nantes player in the 70s. Ended his career in Rennes in 86.
Rolando Barrera (Nice)
Omar Da Fonseca (Tours, PSG, Monaco, Toulouse) *, he didn't score many goals after Tours, but he was appreciated. He is now a commentator in France especially for the South-american football.
Ramon Diaz (AS Monaco) **. He was appreciated too.Surely one of the most talentuous
Jorge Dominguez (Nice, Toulon)
Claudio Garcia (Lyon)*
Alberto Marcico (Toulouse FC) **; legend
Victor Ramos (Nantes, Toulon)
Oscar Victor Trossero (Nantes, Monaco, Montpellier) ** legend
Fernando Zappia (Nancy, Metz, Lille) legend

Fabio Talarico (Cannes)
Alberto Acosta (Toulouse)

already introduced; Enzo Trossero (** legend), Osvaldo Ardilès (it didn't work), J-L Brown (not bad, not very good in a particular context... a good defender...tough...he was there), G. Calderon (he made his work for PSG in the late 80s, he continued to make his job for Caen in the early 90s, still good at 30), Cuciuffo (an argentinian defender you like them), Tarantini* (an argentinian defender you adore them), Leonardo Rodriguez (Stood one year in that team, was a very good player), Burruchaga (** legend, excellent, had injuries but still had some good games with Valenciennes to confirm who he was as a player before to go back to Independiente), Carlos Daniel Tapia (Brest), Juan Simon (an argentinian defender you like them)

second-half of the 90s:
Claudio Biaggio (Bordeaux)
Mariano Bombarda (Metz)
Diego Bustos, Sergio Comba and Javier Mazzoni (Nantes: the times the club knew how to choose the right argentinians players were far. And it was true for the whole Div. 1)
Ariel Cozzoni (Nice) was signed as he was the top scorer in Argentina
Gonzalo Bellosso (Strasbourg), Eduardo Berizzo, Daniel Montenegro (OM), Diego Garay (Strasbourg), Pascal Garrido and André Grande (Bastia), Mariano Herron (Montpellier), Ruben Rossi (Toulouse), José-luis Villareal (Montpellier), Luciano Zavagno (Strasbourg, Troyes)

already introduced: Nestor Fabbri ** legend (the exception that proves the rule)

Fernando D'Amico (Lille*, Le Mans)
Patricio D'Amico (Metz)
Damian Facciuto (Chamois Niortais)
Lucas Bernardi (Marseille, Monaco)*
Sergio Bernardo Almiron (Monaco)
Daniel Bilos (St Etienne)
Dario Cabrol (Toulouse), Pablo Dolci (Nice), Pablo Calendria (OM), Raul Alfred Cascini (TFC)
Fernando Cavenaghi (Bordeaux)*
Mauro Cetto (Nantes, Toulouse)*
Renato Civelli (OM, Nice)
Alberto «*Tino*» Costa (Racing Basse-Terre, Racing Paris, Pau, Sète, Montpellier)*
César Delgado (Lyon) really a good player who suffered many injuries
Juan Esnaider (AC Ajaccio)
Juan Pablo Francia (Bordeaux)
Fabricio Fuentes (Guimgamp)
Esteban Fuertes (Lens)
Hugo Ibarra (Monaco)**, maybe yet forgotten a bit
Juan Angle Krupoviesa (Marseille), Gabriel Loeschbor (Rennes), Damian Manso (Bastia), Hernan Medina (Lorient), Pablo Martin Rodriguez (Nice), Sebastian Ariel Romero (TFC)
Juan Hernan Rossi (Nantes) and Cristian Eduardo Gimenez (OM) from FC Basel
Eduardo Tuzzio (OM)
Mario Hector Turdo (Rennes)
Alejandro Alonso (Bordeaux, Monaco, Saint-Etienne)
Pablo Barzola (Caen)
Juan Eduardo Eluchans (Caen)
Gonzalo Ruben Bergessio (Saint-Etienne)
Franco Sosa, Gabriel Penalba and Sebastian Dubarbier (Lorient)
Marcelo Trapasso (Sochaux)
Augusto Fernandez (Saint-Etienne)

already mentionned: Gabriel Heinze (PSG*, OM), Marcelo Gallardo (Monaco, PSG) ** legend, Pochettino (PSG, Bordeaux)** legend, Javier Saviola (Monaco)*, Leandro Cufré (Monaco), Diego Placente (Bordeaux)
A huge collection of LB in here.

They played for France:
Miguel Angel then Michel Lauri (Sochaux 1936-39), 1 sél.
Héctor De Bourgoing (Nice, Bordeaux in the 60s and Neuilly), 3 sel./ 2 goals, ** legend
Angel Rambert (Lyon in the 60s), 5 caps/ 1 goal, ** legend
Nestor Combin (and afterwards Serie A, Metz and Red Star), 8 sel./ 4 goals, strangely a single game played at World Cup 66. ** legend
David Trezeguet (AS Monaco, late 90s), 71 sel./ 34 goals, ** legend

2 Jorge, 2 famous sons:
Jorge Trézéguet (Rouen 70s)
Jorge Higuaïn (Brest 80s)

They costed millions:
Lisandro Lopez
Lucho Gonzales

This transfer beats all the records in L1:
Javier Pastore (PSG, he played at World Cup 2010)


Bianchi & Onnis, Goleadores:

Bianchi & Santamaria:
Rambert & Combin:

José Farias (here with Red Star), the importer of the «*roulette*» in France.

Enzo Trossero (FC Nantes)
Burruchaga at 100% in a Nantes - OM
Tarantini (Toulouse) against Francescoli (Racing). Il aurait pu figurer dans le 11.
Ardilès, 1st round of Cup Winners Cup against Lokomotiv Sofia with PSG.

Lisandro (OL), Lucho (OM) and Pastore (PSG).

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