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Lucas Hernandez - Statistiques détaillées en Equipe de France

Lucas HERNANDEZ - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

Lucas HERNANDEZ - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

#Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
#Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A  (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

  3.__2018__Friendly__H__Rep. of Ireland_2-0_____0--0
  5.__2018__Friendly__H__United States___1-1_____0--0
  6.__2018__WORLD C.__N__Australia_______2-1_____0--0
  7.__2018__WORLD C.__N__Peru____________1-0_____0--0
  8.__2018__WORLD C.__N__Denmark_________0-0_____0--0
  9.__2018__WORLD C.__N__Argentina_______4-3_____0--1
 10.__2018__WORLD C.__N__Uruguay_________2-0_____0--0
 11.__2018__WORLD C.__N__Belgium_________1-0_____0--0
 12.__2018__WORLD C.__N__Croatia_________4-2_____0--1
 16.__2019__Euro Qu.__H__Albania_________4-1_____0--1
 17.__2019__Euro Qu.__H__Turkey__________1-1_____0--0

 17 sélections/ 0 but/ 4 passes décisives.
 17 internationals/ 0 goals/ 4 assists.

World Cup : 7/ 0/ 2.

Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Hernandez avec noms des buteurs.
Detailed list of the Hernandez' assists with scorers' names.

Argentina 2018 (cross from the left side to the right side and Pavard who scores with a half-volley, the left back for the right back!) - Croatia 2018 (lateral pass to Mbappé who strikes from the 20 m.) : those sorts of passes are usually not counted as assists here on FYT, the one against Croatia especially would certainly not be counted usually.

Germany H 2018 (cross to Griezmann)- Albania 2019 (cross to Giroud at the 16 m.)

Pk won/ pénalty obtenu : Italy 2018 (converted by Griezmann).
Pas toujours précisé sur autres fiches/ not always precised on other cards.

Fiche stat'/ stats card © Football Yesterday & Today (blogspot)

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