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UEFA Euro Championship lineups through history (1992)

Tournament held in Sweden in Göteborg (incl. the Final), Solna, Malmö, Norrköping.
8 teams.

Winner, Denmark :

Denmark qualified after the disqualification of Yugoslavia.

Runner-up, Germany (unified) : 

Germany 1992
With the former D.D.R international player Matthias Sammer. And without Matthaüs, like four years later for the Euro held in England.

Semi-finalists :

Holland, The Netherlands, eliminated by the eventual champion Denmark :

The Netherlands 1992
With van Basten more in the role of a pivot and of mobile centre-forward here than in the role of finisher that he had in 1988. The role of scorer came down to Bergkamp who liked to start his actions from a deep position and who took support on a van Basten  prone to attract the defenders on him and to create space.
Roy was more the second striker than Bergkamp in theory, and most of all a winger.

Sweden, the host, defeated by Germany. 

First as they lined in the semi-finals :

Sweden (vs Germany in s-f's) 1992
Björklund, usually the left back in the team, took the place next to Eriksson in the central defense instead of Patrick Andersson, suspended, so the presence of Roger Ljung as the left back.
Usually a starter, the left wing Limpar entered here only when it was near the hour of play.
Usually positionned on the right of the midfield, Ingesson was here the most defensive player of the midfield. A position that best suits him finally, and that he will find again in the future.
Dahlin was turning around the centre-forward, with a preference for the right side. This centre forward was Kenneth Andersson, who had been picked as a starter in the very first match against France (a match during which he was subbed out at one quarter of an hour of the end) but benched for the two remaining matches against Denmark and England.
Brolin was a free-electron.
At last, the right back Roland Nilsson was entitled at going forward.

Before this semi-final, the typical team was :

Sweden 1992 (1st Round)

Plus, like that in passing :

France, known as the "World Champion of the friendlies" in the early nineties, what would be confirmed at the Euro 1992.

The typical 11 of the pre-Euro and that won all of his 8 qualifying matches (against Spain, Czechoslovakia, Iceland and Albania) :

France 1991-1992
With Blanc as the libero and Casoni as a second stopper but who in general had to intervene in the centre, like a central defensive midfielder, in the end. Surprisingly, Boli could go forward through the right channel at this epoch. Less surprinsingly, Angloma was like a right midfielder, same with Amoros on the left side.
Now that i think of it, it could have been a Sauzée/Durand/Fernandez at midfield, since FErnandez and Deschamps played together at times, like during the 1992 Euro. Behind the innamovible duo Papin-Cantona, it was between Pérez, an attacking midfielder/ winger, Vahirua, a strict (left) winger or the experienced Fernandez in more of a midfielder position. On this point, if he looked like a defensive midfielder before all in the eighties, he looked at times like a playmaker of first order in those nineties. The times are changing.

The team that finished 3rd in the group A behind Sweden and Denmark was the same.

First alert for the invincible team of the qualifiers, maybe, a defeat in the pre-Euro friendlies, in February, at Wembley stadium, against England - well, it was not the first time that France lost to England in Wembley after all, but England had totally dominated some daunted "Bleus". And here's the team of England that beats France in this "friendly" :

England vs France (friendly 1992)
With a fantastic duo consisting in Shearer (1st cap and first goal) and Lineker (penultimate international goal) during the second half for a 2-0 win.
The team that was lined by Graham Taylor at the Euro in Sweden would be different enough (especially at midfield, with incessant changings and not with those three). Shearer would appear only one time, against France, alongside Lineker, for a 0-0 this time.
England finished behind France at the Euro, so at the last place of the Group A.

The two other teams present in Sweden were C.I.S and Scotland (Group B), 2 points each, like England and France.

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