mardi 28 juin 2016

Great Portugal National Team XI.

The teams that finished in the last-four of the great tournaments, plus one. Contrarily to the Polish National Team, A Selecçao mainly shown up in the Euro tournaments, more than in the World Cups. That said, everything started with the 1966 World Cup, in England.

Third at the 1966 World Cup :

A Selecção 1966

 Semi-finalist at the Euro 84, in France :

A Selecção 1984

Quarter-finalist at the Euro 96, in England :

A Selecção 1996

Semi-finalist at the Euro 2000 in The Netherlands and Belgium :

A Selecção 2000
Runner-up of the Euro 2004, in Portugal :

A Selecção 2004
+ P. Ferreira, Rui Costa, N. Gomes, Simão.

Semi-finalist (fourth) at the 2006 World Cup, in Germany :

A Selecção 2006
+ Simão and Tiago Petit.

Semi-finalist of the Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland :

A Selecção 2012

Portugal wins his first major title at the Euro 2016 in France. Euro 2016 winning team :

A Selecção 2016
Team presented as in the Final (with substitutions) : Cristiano Ronaldo get injured early in the match and was replaced by Quaresma since the 25th minute. In consequence Nani took the left hand of the attack or the centre when Quaresma was clearly positionned on the right. Moutinho replaced Adrien Silva at the 66th minute (position for position). Striker Eder replaced the very young Renato Sanches 13 minutes later and scored the winner at the 109th minute.

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