mercredi 8 juin 2016

UEFA Euro Championship lineups through history (1980)

The 6th "Euro" is the first one that includes a group stage with 2 x 4 teams. It is held in Italy, in Milan, Turin, Naples (that welcomes the little final) and Rome, where  the Final is played.

Winner, West Germany, Die Mannschaft (as against Holland) :

In the Final against Belgium, Rummenigge played more uprfront than against Czechoslovakia into what was finally the first and also, in some way, the decisive group stage match. In that Final, Allofs and Rummenigge could exchange of zone of intervention at will but Rummenigge was more right winger and Allofs played more on the elft. Schuster here played as left midfielder. The drawing is like against Czechoslovakia.

Runner-up, Belgium, Les Diables Rouges :

Belgium 1980
...and their flat midfield.

3rd, Czechoslovakia :

Czechoslovakia 1980
... four years after they win again against the hosts after a penalty shootout.

4th, Italy, Squadra Azzura :

Italy 1980
... 2 goals for, 1 against, in 4 matches.

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