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UEFA Euro Championship lineups through history (1984)

7th edition of the Euro and 2nd tournament with a group phase for a greater success than four years earlier in Italy where the stadiums were empty.

Winner, France :


Genghini and Amoros entered in the Final. Genghini had lost his place in the quator of the midfield to Fernandez,  more defensive, since the after World Cup 1982. Battiston feinted an injury to make Hidalgo to change him by Amoros, so brilliant at the last World Cup but who had been sent-off in the very first match of France in this tournament at home against Denmark and had never appeared again in the team so until the Final, at the 73th minute (when it was only 1-0 for France against Spain).
The team is presented as it was in the Final and it is also the typical team of the tournament. However, during the first round, the central defense consisted in the duo Bossis-Battiston (Bossis libero) in two occasions.
At last, about another duo, Giresse was operating on the width and Platini in the depth.

Runner-up, Spain :

Spain 1984
The typical line-up during the tournament, with Maceda as the libero. But deprived of the latterand  of Gordillo for the Final, but also of Goikoetchea since the start of the knockout phase, and with the will of blocking the French midfield (they played defensive and hard during the whole tournament, so was La Furia Roja at this time), they lined as follow against France :

Spain 1984 (Final)
With Gallego as the libero and the duo Camacho-Señor at the marking of the duo Platini-Giresse. Julio Alberto who, even though not much in this match, was almost like a left midfielder, or a very offensive left back. With Giresse or Battiston in his zone he had still more freedom to go forward than Urquiaga, the right back, who on his side of the pitch, had to deal with a real winger-striker in Bellone during this Final.

Sarabia (striker) entered at the 75th minute for Julio Alberto and Roberto (offensive midfielder, very young at this time) at the 85th for Salva (Salvador García), the stopper in this Final.

No 3rd place match , and for a long time, since this edition of the Euro. The semi-finalists were :

Portugal, defeated by the eventual champion after an epic match in Marseille :

Portugal 1984
Synthesis Portuguese team during those two weeks of competition. Pacheco and Carlos Manuel could play together into the formation Portugal used the most, the 4-5-1 (at the image of Spain )but the first named played in the semis and it is not the case of the latter. In the semis against France, it was more of a 4-4-2 with individual marking.
And let's not forget Nené, the veteran of the team who scored against Romania and entered in the semi-final against France. 

At last, one of the best team of the tournament, the one that gave headaches to France during 78 minutes in the opening match at Parc des Princes, but which was eventually eliminated after a penalty shootout by a team of Spain almost coming from nowhere (or more exactly thanks to a 12-1 win over Malta, all what was needed to eliminate Holland in the qualifiers*), Denmark :

Denmark 1984
A bitter end for them against very tough Spaniards (Arconada will be punished in the Final). They knew a first blow since their very first match with the injury of Simonsen, who had shown great things until Le Roux (not mentionning any names) breaks his leg. That was before the half-time.

Notes: in France-Denmark, Bergreen was at the marking of Platini (then was employed in a more offensive way). The libero was Olsen.

*: Spain qualified from the group 7 of the qualifying stage. The final standings : Spain 1st with 13 points, 6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, 24 goals for, 8 goals against, +16. 2nd of the group, The Netherlands with 13 points, 6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss 22 goals for, 6 goals against. Spain qualified as the best attack. They met Malta (home) for their last game and won it by 12 goals to 1, four days after The Dutch team played its last game against... Malta, but for a 5-0 win, only. Spain needed to win with a +11 goal difference and made it. In their direct confrontations, Spain  had first beaten its direct rival by 1-0 before to be beaten by 2 goals to 1 in Holland.

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