mardi 14 juin 2016

UEFA Euro championship lineups through history (2004)

Tournament held in Portugal in Guimaraes, Braga, Porto, Lisbon (including the Final), Coimbra, Leiria, Loulé, Faro.

16 teams.

Winner, Greece : 


Runner-up, Portugal :

Portugal 2004

Semi-finalists :

Czech Republic, beaten by Greece :

Czech Republic 2004
 Grygera was finally preferred to Jiranek for the semis. Typo : Ufjalusi for Ujfalusi.

The Netherlands, beaten by Portugal :

The Netherlands 2004
2 wins in 5 matches, none in the knockout stages.

And also, amongst the quarter-finalists :

France (beaten by Greece) :

France 2004
With a Vieira who could not play the quarter-finals and who was replaced by Dacourt. And a Makélélé not in his best form for the event, neither.

England, beaten by Portugal :

England 2004
A seducing team on the paper with some names from the halfway line up to the opponent box.

France beat England in the group B with two goals by Zidane.

At last, the two other quarter-finalists were Sweden and Denmark : in the first round, both teams beat Bulgaria, had a draw game with Italy and another draw game between them two (2-2).
They used different formations and players. Their players : Isaksson and Sorensen in the goals, Mellberg, Helveg Laursen in defense (both teams lost their usual left back before the quarter-finals, Edman and C. Jensen, for different reasons). Linderoth, Svensson for Sweden at midfield, Gravesen for Denmark. Ljungberg and Gronkjaer plus Jorgensen at the animation of the attack and upfront a duo Ibrahimovic-Larsson for Sweden and a Tomasson-Sand for Denamrk (Sand did not play in the quarter-finals).

Sweden was eliminated by the Netherlands after a penalty shoot-out (0-0 after 120 minutes) and Denmark was severly beaten by the Czech team by 3-nil.

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