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UEFA Cup Runner-up XI 1972-1988

UEFA Cup Winning XI 1972-1988
UEFA Cup Runner-up XI 1972-1988 :
Some notes in the end + links.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 1972 1_H
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1972 2_A

Borussia Mönchengladbach 1973 1_H
Borussia Mönchengladbach 1973 2_A

Tottenham Hotspur 1974 1_H
Tottenham Hotspur 1974 2_A

FC Twente 1975 1_A
FC Twente 1975 2_H

FC Brugge 1976 1_A
FC Brugge 1976 2_H

Atheltic Bilbao 1977 1_A
Atheltic Bilbao 1977 2_H

S.E.C Bastia 1978 1_H
S.E.C Bastia 1978 2_A

Crvena Zvezda 1979 1_H
Crvena Zvezda 1979 2_A
Borussia Mönchengladbach 1980 1_H
Borussia Mönchengladbach 1980 2_A

AZ '67 1981 1_A
AZ '67 1981 2_H

Hamburger SV 1982 1_A
Hamburger SV 1982_H

SL Benfica 1983 1_A
SL Benfica 1983 2_H

RSC Anderlecht 1984 1_H

RSC Anderlecht 1984 2_A

Videoton 1985 1_H
Videoton 1985 2_A

1. FC Köln 1986 1_A
1. FC Köln 1986 2_H

Dundee United 1987 1_A
Dundee United 1987 2_H

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona 1988 1_H
RCD Espanyol de Barcelona 1988 2_A

Some notes :
_1979, 1st leg : Muslin and Blagojevic exchanged positions in the second half.
_1981 : Spelbos is not the libero but the "stayed-at-home defender". Metgod was the (attacking) libero. Peters liked to take position on the right at times. In the first match, Jonker displaced himself on the width, also he made the number at midfield. In the second match, when Kist enters, it is at the centre of the attack and Jonker takes the left winger position.
_1984, 1st leg : Czerniatynski free behind the strikers, Vercauteren "strictly" left midfielder.
_1986, 2nd leg : Geils marked Butragueño who could be anywhere in attack, or everywhere (but no often on the right, or the left for Köln). Well, Geils often did, but not always, not from the start until the end.
_1988, 1t leg : Urquiaga marked Tita. Soler was attacking from his left back position.
_1988, 2nd leg : Golobart "marked" or acted in function of the moves of Buncol. Soler was positionned at midfield this time, still on the left (he was, normally, a midfielder).
_important note : I don't make notes for every matches. But what maybe had to be precised the most is here precised (the less evident). The defenders of M'gladbach, in 1973, also had to deal with a special setup of the Liverpool's attack (Surau and Danner intervened more in the inside of the pitch than on the wings, in gross, and that also goes with the way of playing of their own team, that's both things, especially here, the opponent and themselves).

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