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1938 World Cup Lineups

Tournament held in France.


ITALY 1938
 Runner-up : Hungary.

Hungary 1938
In attack, Titkos took the Vilmos Kohut's position on the left wing since the semi-finals. Vincze imposed himself as the inside-left instead of Toldi. For the Final,  Zsengeller and Vincze exchanged positions.
In defence, Polgar became the right back instead of Koranyi only for the Final. Szucs (23 years old) only played the Final. Turai (33 years old) was the starter at the centre-half position until then.

Semi-finalist (3rd) : Brazil.

Brazil 1938
11-Synthesis. 1938 World Cup star player Leonidas was given some rest by the national team coach Adhemar Pimenta at the occasion of the semi-finals against Italy.

Semi-finalist (4th) : Sweden.

Sweden 1938
Player 1/ Player 2 : player 1 played against Cuba in the quarter-finals then Hungary in the semis (same 11 in the two matches), player 2 played against Brazil in the 3rd place match. Sweden had qualified in the first round due to a withdraw of Austria (Austrian Anschluss) then had eliminated Cuba in the quarter-finals by 8-0 (1-5 then 2-4 losses against Hungary and Brazil).

Quarter-finalists :


Czechoslovakia 1938
As they played against Brazil in the quarter-finals. A match which was replayed so the 'player 1/ player 2' notation. Czechoslovakia aligned a new and fresh attack line in the second match (exception made of the centre forward Ludl who, by the way, did not play in the first round, it was Zeman). Riha was sent-off in the first match (in the last minutes).
The logo is the Czech Republic one and the shirts are the current Czech Republic ones. The colour of the shirts of 1938 and of today are quite similar though (maybe they were a bit darker in 1938, like on the today's stripes).


Switzerland 1938
Winner of neighboroughs Germany in the round of 16, Switzerland faced Hungary without their captain, redoubtable defender, Minelli, who was injured. The other back of the team Lehmann took the armband in consequence. Tullio Grassi played instead of Georges Aeby (on the left wing of the attack) in the quarter-finals.

And France.

France 1938
 The host, winner of Belgium and defeated by Italy.

The last quarter-finalist was, as explained previously, the Cuba team - with three quite different lineups in their three matches including a replay against Romania that they eliminated in the first round or round of 16.

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