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2002 World Cup line-ups

Tournament held in Japan and in South Korea.



Runner-up : Germany.

Attention! The following 11 is a synthesis-11 with the most used players, putted together in the formation used for the Final. The one who did not play the Final is obviously Ballack, suspended due to a yellow card that he received when trying to protect his team on a quite dangerous counter-attack by South Korea in the semi-finals when it was still 0-0, around the 70th minute. It is at the same time him who qualified Germany by scoring the only goal of the game, less than 5 minutes after this incident.
Ballack was replaced by Jeremies, a defensive midfielder, for the Final against Brazil.

Germany 2002

Semi-finalist and 3rd : Turkey.

Turkey 2002

Semi-finalist and 4th : South Korea.

South Korea 2002

 Surprise of the tournament : Senegal.

Senegal 2002
Senegal reached the quarter-finals where they are beaten by Turkey. They had eliminated Sweden in the Round of 16. In the first round they had obtain two draw-games with Denmark and Uruguay after they had beaten the World Champion France in the opening match of the tournament (1-0).

+ Henri Camara and Pape Thiaw as solutions in attack.

Another noticeable quarter-finalist must be Spain, widely considered as 'robbed' in their match against South Korea, like Italy in the precedent round. On the other hand, none of the two latin teams had a very-well defined line-up during the competition : that's why they will not be presented here, also maybe it could be part of an explication for their respective eliminations in the tourney.
At last, let's cite Belgium, far to be ridiculous against Brazil in the round of 16 but which suffered of some curious refereeing decisions too. The Belgians had a quite complicate first round though and on this round of 16 match, Brazil did not really steal his qualification.

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