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Joseph Ujlaki - Statistiques détaillées en Equipe de France

Joseph UJLAKI - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

Joseph UJLAKI - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

#Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
#Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A  (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

  1.__1952____Friendly__H__West Germany______3-1_____1--0  (6 m. near post)
  2.__1952____Friendly__H__Northern Ireland__3-1_____1--0  (8 m. in the axis)
  3.__1952____Friendly__A__Rep. Of Ireland___1-1_____0--0
  5.__1953____Friendly__H__Wales_____________6-1_____1--0  ( close-range)
  7.__1953____WC Qual.__A__Rep. of Ireland___5-3_____2--1  (close after a rush, 9 m.)
  9.__1953____Friendly__H__Switzerland_______2-4_____2--0  (25 m. fk, 8 m. served by Kopa)
 10.__1953____WC Qual.__H__Rep. of Ireland___1-0_____0--0
 15.__1957____WC Qual.__A__Iceland___________5-1_____2--0  (18 m. on a cross, close after a 1-2)
 18.__1960____WC Qual.__A__Finland___________2-1_____1--0  (close after a shot by Vincent on the post)

 21 international games/ 10 goals (1 fk)/ 1 assist.

Joseph Ujlaki et Raymond Kopa ont connu leur première sélection ensemble.
Joseph Ujlaki and Raymond Kopa played together their very first match for France.

Détails de la passe d'Ujlaki avec nom du buteur.
Detail of the Ujlaki's assist with the scorers' name.

Ireland 1953 (served Glovacki after a ck by Kopa/ sert Glovacki suite à un corner de Kopa).

+ served Marcel on ifk against Yugoslavia in 1953. And some pre-assists here and there if we want to, like against Italy in 1954 (cross for Kopa who serves Piantoni). And why not a "half-assist" against Republic of Ireland in 1952 (a cross deflected by Carey's shoulder in direction of Piantoni).

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