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1962 World Cup line-ups

Tournament held in Chile.


As almost always with the front-two's, and that in any era of the sport, Vava and Amarildo could obviously interchange positions. From his left-half position, Didi could follow a sort of diagonal to end up on the right when Zagallo always stood in position on the left. As it is known (because of his decisive goals), Garrincha cutted-in from his outside right position more than ever into this tournament for Brazil. So in some occasions, for great effects. Pelé was absent, getting definitively injured during the first round. This can, maybe  must, explain that.

Runner-up : Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovakia 1962
An "intelligent WM" with some variants  as the following set-up : with Kvasnak in a central position in support of (from the right to the left) Pospichal, Scherer, Kadraba and Jelinek in his usual role of outside left. That was the case in the first minutes of the match when Czechoslovakia scored, and before a quick equalizer by Brazil but also at times, afterwards. Another variant was with Pospichal taking position as a right wing-half like in the pre-WM era. That was when Pluskal took a central position. A consequence of it was seeing Masopust to drift slightly on the left.
Lala played all the matches as the right back of the team before the Final. Tichy played the Final.

3rd place : Chile.

Chile 1962
A team which allowed much space in his back. On the wings but also in the centre.

4th place : Yugoslavia.

Yugoslavia 1962

Much like a 3-2-1-4 (Sekularac being the 1, required to make the number anywhere in attack from his  initial inside right position. Galic worked like an inside left, a very offensive one, scorer of goals, when Sekularac, an offensive inside too for sure, was before all the one who breaks the lines and pass the ball).
-Kovacevic played in the q-f's against West Germany, Sijakovic in the s-f's against Czechoslovakia (his only match in the tournament) and Kovacevic was back in the team for the 3rd place match. None of them two was a specialist of the right winger position.
-Melic was a starter in the first match (0-2 loss against USSR) and captain. Then he reappeared in the third game of groups (Colombia, win) but without the armband. He did not pay in the knockout stages.

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