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Football Legends pick their Dream Team (Part 4).

PART 4 : 47 players more, mainly from the British Isles but not only. As they answered in the 'Focus On', 'Super Focus' etc. :

Mark Lawrenson once again (see part 3 which countains already some 'focus on') but for a World All-time XI this time :
Banks - Kaltz, Moore, Beckenbauer, Breitner - Charlton, Brady - Best, Cruyff, Pelé, Maradona.

Ray Kennedy
Banks, Kaltz, Beckenbauer, Moore, Breitner, Peters, Charlton, Brady, Best, Dalglish, Pelé.

Gerry Armstrong (NIR)
Jennings, McGrain, Krol, Beckenbauer, Cooper, Jairzinho, Cruyff, Charlton, Pelé, Law, Best.

Ken McNaught (Villa)
Yashin; C.Alberto, Krol, Beckenbauer, McGrain; Cruyff, Gerson, Baxter; Pelé, Law, Maradona

Mark Wright (when at Southampton)
Best ever XI : England's 1966 World Cup winner.

Mickey Hazard
Banks, C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Krol, Wilson, Giles, Ardilès, Mardona, Best, Pelé, Cruijff.

Mark Swain (Villa)
Banks, McGrain, Beckenbauer, Krol, Cooper, Gerson, Bremner, Charlton, Cruyff, Müller, Pelé.

Danny Thomas
Banks - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Moore, Breitner - Cruyff, Gerson - Maradona, Müller, Pelé, Best.

Joe Gallagher (Wolves)
Banks - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Todd, Cooper - Maradona, Netzer, Rivelino - Pelé, Keegan, Müller.

Alan Curtis (Swansea)
Banks - Kaltz, Beckenbauer, J.Charles, J. Charlton - Maradona, Gerson -  Best, Pelé, Müller, Cruijff.

Russel Osman (Ipswich)
Banks - Vogts, Beckenbauer, Moore, Cooper, Edwards, Charlton, Cruyff, Pelé, Di Stéfano, Best.

Ray Wellington (Fulham)
Banks - Vogts, C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Sansom - Brady, Gerson, Hudson, Pelé, Best, Maradona.

Nigel Callaghan (Watford)
Shilton - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Moore, Junior - Charlton, Maradona, Falcao - Pelé, Puskas, Zico.

David O'Leary
Jennings - C.ALberto, Beckenbauer, Krol, Breitner - Charlton, Giles, Gerson - Best, Pelé, Cruyff.

Mark Chamberlain (Stoke)
Banks - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Schnellinger, Facchetti - Socrates, Maradona, Zico - Pelé, Cruyff, Best

Alan Curbishley (Birmingham City)
Banks - Vogts, Moore, Beckenbauer, Junior - Zico, Gerson, Platini - Best, Pelé, Müller.

Alan Curbishley (a bit later, as Aston Villa player)
Banks - C.Alberto, Moore, Beckenbauer, Cabrini - Zico, Charlton, Platini - Best, Pelé, Maradona.

Chrys White (Arsenal)
Jennings - Vogts, Moore, J.Charlton, Breitner - B.Charlton, Beckenbauer, Maradona - Best, Pelé, Cruyff.

Stewart Robson (Arsenal)
Banks - Vogts, Beckenbauer, Passarella, Junior - Charlton, Tardelli, Socrates - Jairzinho, Pelé, Best.

Gary Mabbutt (Tottenham)
Brazil's 1970 World Cup winner.

Mark Hateley (Coventry)
Brazil's 1982 World Cup team.

Alan Ball
England's 1966 World Cup XI

Nick Holmes
The England team which won the World Cup in 1966.

Robert Prytz (Rangers)
Banks - C. Alberto, Beckenbauer, McClelland, Greig - Falcao, Maradona, Platini - Garrincha, Cruyff, Pelé.

Alan Brazil (Tottenham)
Zoff - Kaltz, Beattie, Hunter, McGrain - Maradona, Cruyff, Zico - Pelé, Best, Dalglish.

David Johnson (Everton)
Banks - Neal, McFarland, Moore, Wilson - Keegan, Ball, MacKay, Best - Dalglish, Charlton.

Wynton Rufer (Norwich City)
Brazil 70.

Paul Bracewell (Stoke)
Banks - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Facchetti, Schnellinger - Gerson, Maradona, Rivera - Pelé, Cruyff, Best.

Sammy McIlroy (Stoke)
Banks - Vogts, Beckenbauer, Moore, Cooper - Cruyff, Baxter, Gerson - Maradona, Pelé, Best.

Rinat Dasaev (Spartak Moscow)
Yashin - Breitner, Beckenbauer, Krol, Junior - Ardilès, Neeskens, Falcao - Keegan, Pelé, Maradona.
Favourite other goalkeerper : Thomas N'Kono of Cameroon.

Mark Walters (Villa)
The 1970 Brazilian World Cup team.

Phil Parkes (West Ham)
The 1970 Brazilian World Cup winning side, but with Gordon Banks in goal.

Gary Lineker (Leicester)
Banks - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Moore, Cooper - Ball, R. Charlton, Tostao - Cruyff, Pelé, Best.

...Luis Arconada favorite players : Sepp Maïer and José Iribar, the two best keepers I've seen.
Franco Causio's favorite player : Hans Krankl of Austria... Diego Maradona favortite players : Kempes and Pelé... Kempes : Pelé, Beckenbauer, Müller... Rene Houseman : Rene Houseman... Paul Breitner : Gianni Rivera...

Liam Brady's childhood hero(es) : Best, Charlton, Giles. Current fav's: Platini even though he took my place at Juventus. And I don't agree with people who siad he had not deserved his EPTOY. Scoring 18 goals from midfield in Italy isn't easy! Then Zico who hasn't hit top form with Udinese but is still top of the scoring charts. The other Brazilian, Socrates. And I wish I could see more of Maradona.

Gordon Davies (Fulham)
Banks - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Facchetti, Schnellinger - Gerson, Maradona, Rivera - Pelé, Cruyff, Best.

Norman Whiteside
Banks - Krol, Moore, Beckenbauer, Junior - Cruyff, Zico, Maradona, Charlton - Best, Pelé.

Paul Walsh (Luton Town)
Banks - Kaltz, Beckenbauer, Moore, Breitner, Best, Zico, Rivelino, Jairzinho, Pelé, Maradona.

Davie Cooper (Rangers)
Zoff - Jardine, Pezzey, J.Charlton, Tarantini, C.Alberto, Tardelli, Charlton, Bettega, Kempes, Best.

Frans Thijssen favorite player: Johann Cruyff of the past and now Kevin Keegan... Lee Chapman: Kempes...Trevor Fancis: Denis Law... Tony Woodcok: Law (past), Cruyff (present/ which year exactly=? was at Forest), Gary Shaw: Hoddle...Alex McLeish: Gerd Müller as a child and fav' Ruud Krol...Ivan Golac: Garrincha...
Martin Jol favourite other team (he's at Wes Bro) : Atletico Mineiro (Brazilian club) who has Reinaldo, Cerezo and others.

Arnold Mühren
Shilton - Suurbier, Beckenbauer, Passarella, Krol - Charlton, Neeskens, Zico - Best, Cruyff, Maradona.

Tony Morley
Brazil's team of 1970.

Paul McStay
Banks - McGrain, Moore, C.Alberto, Junior, Cruyff, Maradona, Johnstone, Dalglish, Pelé, Best.

Kenny Hibbitt (Wolves)
Banks - Kaltz, Beckenbauer, Krol, Wilson - Ball, Charlton, Maradona - Best, Pelé, Eusébio. Childhood's hero: Di Stéfano.

Jimmy Rimmer
Banks - Dunne, Beckenbauer, Moore, Wilson - Ball, Charlton - Finney, Law, Pelé, Best.

Chrys Whyte (Arsenal)
Jennings - Vogts, Moore, J.Charlton, Breitner, B.Charlton, Beckenbauer, Maradona, Best, Pelé, Cruyff.

Simon Stainrod (QPR)
Banks - Kaltz, Moore, Beckenbauer, Breitner, Zico, Gerson, Best, Law, Pelé, Kempes. Sub.: Maradona.

George Wood (Arsenal's gk)
Jennings - McGrain, Beckenbauer, Moore, Cooper - Cruyff, Souness, Charlton, Dalglish, Law, Best.

Kevin O'Callaghan (Ipswich)
Banks - Kaltz, Beckenbauer, Moore, Cooper - Giles, Maradona, Cruyff, Pelé, Rummenigge, Best.

Neil Whatmore (Birmingham City)
Banks - C.Alberto, Beckenbauer, Krol, Santos - Gerson, Rivera - Maradona, Tostao, Pelé, Best.

These were found via twitter account Focus_Off where can be found all the complete documents.

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