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International scorers against Lev Yashin (list)

They made the feat to score against Yashin in international football.

Sandor Kocsis for Hungary (1954)
Fritz Walter for West Germany (1954)
Hans Schäfer for West Germany (1954)
S. Gosh for India (1955)
Ferenc Puskas for Hungary (1955)
Ove Andersen for Denmark (1956)
Aage Jensen for Denmark (1956)
Nahul Stelmach for Israel (1956)
Willi Schröder for West Germany (1956)
Zoltan Czibor for Hungary (1956)
Joseph Tellechéa for France (1956)
Jean Vincent for France (1956)
Ernst Habig for United Germany (1956 Olympic Games)
Ivan Kolev for Bulgaria (1956 Olympic Games)
Alexandru Ene for Romania (1957)
Gerard Cieslik x2 for Poland (1957)
Derek Kevan for England (1958 friendly)
Derek Kevan for England (1958 World Cup)
Thomas Finney (pen.) for England (1958 World Cup)
Vava x2 for Brazil (1958 World Cup)
Kurt Hamrin for Sweden (1958 World Cup)
Agne Simonsson for Sweden (1958 World Cup)
Pavol Molnar for Czechoslovakia (1959)
Milan Galic for Yugoslavia (1960 Euro)
Erich Hof x2 (1 pen.) for Austria (1960)
Rudolf Flögel for Austria (1960), between the two goals by Hof
Ernest Pol (pen.) for Poland (1961)
Metin Oktay for Turkey (1961)
Luis Cubilla for Uruguay (1961)
Ady Schmit for Luxembourg (1962)
German Aceros for Colombia (1962 World Cup)
Marcos Coll for Colombia (1962 World Cup)
Antonio Rada for Colombia (1962 World Cup)
Marino Klinger for Colombia (1962 World Cup)
José Sacia for Uruguay (1962 World Cup)
Leonel Sanchez for Chile (1962 World Cup)
Eladio Rojas for Chile (1962 World Cup)
Örjan Martinsson for Sweden (1963)
Ferenc Machos for Hungary (1963)
Gianni Rivera for Italy (1963)
Sadni for Morocco (1963)
Kurt Hamrin (2nd) for Sweden (1964, ECQ 1st leg)
Kurt Hamrin (3rd) for Sweden (1964, ECQ, 2nd leg)
Chus Pereda for Spain (1964)
Marcelino for Spain (1964)
Walter Glechner for Austria (1964)
Mohamed Lekkak for Algeria (1964)
Lahcene Lalmas for Algeria (1964)
Slaven Zambata for Yugoslavia (1964)
Mimis Papaioannou for Greece (1965)
Tommy Troelsen for Denmark (1965)
Gerson for Brazil (1965)
Pelé for Brazil (1965)
Ermindo Onega for Argentina (1965)
Ferenc Bene for Hungary (1966 World Cup)
Helmut Haller for West Germany (1966 World Cup)
Franz Beckenbauer for West Germany (1966 World Cup)
Eusébio (pen.) for Portugal (1966 World Cup)
José Augusto Torres for Portugal (1966 World Cup)
Otto Frassdörf for East Germany (1966)
Jürgen Nölder for East Germany (1966)
Aristide Guarneri for Italy (1966)
Philippe Gondet for France (1967)
Jacky Simon for France (1967)
Erich Hof (3rd) for Austria (1967)
Franz Wolny for Austria (1967)
Helmut Siber for Austria (1967)

Kurt Hamrin (Sweden) and Erich Hof (Austria) are the top scorer against the "Black Spider" in international football with 3 goals. 3x1 for Hamrin and 1x2 including one penalty + 1 for Hof.

Follow with 2 goals :
Gerard Cieslik (Poland), 1x2. Derek Kevan (England), 2x1. Vava (Brazil), 1x2.

By the way, the two scorers for France in 1967 were both from FC Nantes (French defeat 2-4 in Paris, Parc des Princes). 6 players of Nantes in the starting XI.

Derek Kevan facing Lev Yashin

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