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Index of Players' stats cards in the European Cups.

New : constantly updated list here.

Here is the list of the Players cards wich are available on this blog. Once again, it is about to present the stats of footballers in the European Cups (details of matches and goals, results...) that are not findable on rsssf.com nor anywhere else into this form (list of all matches in one document). The section into wich you can find players stats in European Cups on RSSSF is named " Players' Records of Goals and Matches in European Cups " and thus it is linked here.

Here on Football Yesterday & Today it is findable under the label " Detailed Players stats ". And the goal is to make the cards of players who have less than 70 appearances and/ or 20 goals in the European competitions or simply who were not made even if fitting to these criterias. That concerns some players like the ones who are still active for example, but not only. Plus the stats in detail for French NT players with all matches, goals and assists.

Here is the list of the 121 players available so far, and only here:
Dimitar Berbatov & Zlatan Ibrahimovic  (uncomplete on rsssf up to now )
Filippo Inzaghi (uncomplete on rsssf up to now + some more details)
Radamel Falcao (European + South American competitions)

Now by Country:
Without links this time. But using the Blogger search bar at the top of the page is another solution.

Argentina (10): Messi, Lisandro Lopez, Lucho Gonzales, Maradona, J.S Veron, Rial, Sivori, Kempes, Combin, Batistuta
Portugal (5): C.Ronaldo, Rui Barros, Coluna, Futre, Simoes
Netherlands (7): Robben, Sneijder, Gullit, D. van Dijk, Rep, Neeskens, Geels
France (21): Ribéry, Benzema, Nasri, Kopa, Fontaine, Vincent, Piantoni, Combin, Di Nallo, H. Revelli, P. Revelli, Herbin, Larqué, Cantona, Ginola, Six , Rocheteau, Bathenay, Papi, Sibierski, Sauzée
Germany (17): Hässler, Möller, Schweinsteiger, Wimmer, Hrubesch, Schuster, Klose, Netzer, Schnellinger, Haller, T. Müller, Sammer, Thon, Briegel, Brehme, Effenberg, Hitzfeld
Brazil (8): Valdo, Rai, Kaka, Neymar, Jair da Costa, Bebeto, Ro. Falcao, Cerezo
Former Yugoslavia (7): Stojkovic, Savicevic, Pancev, Prosinecki, Mitic, Dzajic, Skoblar
Bulgaria: Berbatov
Sweden (3): Ibrahimovic, R. Magnusson, Kindvall
England (7): B. Charlton, Br. Robson, Keegan, B. Smith, Greaves, McDermott, A. Kennedy, Chivers, Defoe
Northern Ireland: Best
Ivory Coast: Yaya Touré
Belgium (2): Vercauteren, Jurion
Republic of Ireland (2): Heighway, L. Brady
Wales (2): C. Jones, Bale
Scotland (4): J. Johnstone, Bremner, Souness, A. Ferguson
Italy (7): P. Rossi, F. Inzaghi, S. Mazzola, M. Corso, Capello, Ancelotti, Trapattoni, Mancini
Colombia: Ra. Falcao
Austria: Prohaska
Spain (5): Guardiola, D. Villa, L. Suarez, Xavi, Iniesta, del Bosque
Peru: Cubillas
Poland: Deyna
Uruguay: Schiaffino
Denmark: Lerby
Trinidad & Tobago: Yorke

French National Team's detailed stats of players (matches, goals and assists, thus with details):
Soon: Tigana, Giresse, Henry, Djorkaeff...

And a good handful of new ones to be posted very soon concerning Players' stats in the European Cups.
Also, some more stuffs, in particular some lineups on particular topics, International Football lineups  (more European Cup lineups maybe in June, maybe later)... and the "Lookalike of the Month" rubric.
Once again, if any question on how to read stats, the abbrevations and all,  it is explained into that early post in French and in English. Or in English then in French. Maybe the sign "T" in particular can seem a bit mysterious...

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