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Raymond Kopa - Statistiques détaillées en Equipe de France

Raymond KOPA - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

Raymond KOPA - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

#Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
#Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A  (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

  1.__1952____Friendly__H__West Germany______3-1_____0--0
  3.__1952____Friendly__H__Northern Ireland__3-1_____2--0 (9m, 9 m after a little rush in dribbling)
  4.__1952____Friendly__A__Rep. Of Ireland___1-1_____0--0
  6.__1953____Friendly__H__Wales_____________6-1_____2--0 (close x2)
  8.__1953____WC Qual.__A__Luxembourg________6-1_____1--1 (shot without control at 15 m)
  9.__1953____WC Qual.__A__Rep. of Ireland___5-3_____0--3
 13.__1954____Friendly__A__Belgium___________3-3_____1--0 (shot without control at close range)
 14.__1954____WORLD C.__N__Yugoslavia________0-1_____0--0
 15.__1954____WORLD C.__N__Mexico____________3-2_____1--0 (pk)
 16.__1954____Friendly__A__West Germany______3-1_____0--1
 17.__1954____Friendly__H__Belgium___________2-2_____2--0 (15 m, pk)
 18.__1955____Friendly__A__Spain_____________2-1_____1--0 (10 m)
 19.__1955____Friendly__H__England___________1-0_____1--0 (pk)
 20.__1955____Friendly__A__Switzerland_______2-1_____1--0 (pk)
 21.__1955____Friendly__A__Soviet Union______2-2_____1--0 (15 m, after a run in dribbles from the right)
 25.__1958____WORLD C.__N__Paraguay__________7-3_____1--3 (volley with the knee)
 26.__1958____WORLD C.__N__Yugoslavia________2-3_____0--0
 27.__1958____WORLD C.__N__Scotland__________2-1_____1--0 (6 m without control)
 28.__1958____WORLD C.__N__Northern Ireland__4-0_____0--1
 29.__1958____WORLD C.__N__Brazil____________2-5_____0--1
 30.__1958____WORLD C.__N__West Germany______6-3_____1--1
 31.__1958____Euro Qu.__H__Greece____________7-1_____1--1 (Header to the opposite side)
 34.__1959____Euro Qu.__H__Austria___________5-2_____0--0
 37.__1960____Euro Qu.__A__Austria___________4-2_____1--1 (pk)
 44.__1962____Euro Qu.__A__England___________1-1_____0--1

 45 international games/ 18 goals/ 17 assists (20 assists max. with the ones that are still indicated for the matches #30, 43 and 44 but wich are finally not taken in account/ see below in conclusion).

Penalty-kicks scored: 5.

World Cup: 8/ 4/ 6 (7 assists max.).
Euro Nations Cup (since semi-finals).: -.
Great tournaments = 8/ 4/ 6 (7 assists max.)

Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Kopa avec noms des buteurs.

Detailed list of Kopa's assists with scorers' names.

Luxembourg 53 (Kargu) - Rep. of Ireland 53 (Glovacki, Penverne, Flamion) - Switzerland 53 (Ujlaki) - Italy 54 (Piantoni) - West Germany 54 (Foix)
Paraguay 58 (Fontaine, Wisniewski on fk, Vincent) - N. Ireland 58 (Fontaine*) - Brazil 58 (Fontaine*) - West Germany 58 (Fontaine, Douis at 20 m) -
Greece 58 (Cisowski) - Spain 59 (Muller) - Austria 60 (Heutte) - Poland 62 (De Bourgoing, who was off-side but the goal was allowed) - Italy 62 (Piumi) - England 62 (Goujon, 20 m)

*: the scorer did a little last dribble but that's ok, that counts, the pass is perfect.

20 assists (or 18, see Douis 58 and Goujon 62, eventually 17, could not find a film for Piumi 62 who was  off-centered on the left wing and striked with no angle according to the reports provided by the FFF (wich are not always exact, most of all concerning the matches before the 60s). 
But to conclude on one number, I'd tend to say 17. 17.

Fontaine x4

Liste des pré-passes décisives de Kopa et "demi-passes décisives".

Detailed list of Kopa's pre-assists and "half-assists".

Northern Ireland 52 - Spain 55 - Belgium 55 - N. Ireland 58 1 pre-assist (brilliant preparation of Penverne's cross on the RW, in the corner + 1 "half-assist" when Kopa launched the rush of Piantoni for the 4th goal- "Half-assist": Greece 58, shot deviated by the gk on Fontaine) - "Half-assist": Portugal 59, shot deviated by the gk on Fontaine) -
Austria 59 1 pre-assist + 1 "half-assist" when his fk is deviated on Vincent by the gk. - Spain 59 Pre-assist on a fk quickly played + half an assist on indirect free-kick quickly played for Vincent.

6 pre-assists and 5 "half-assists".

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