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Paraguay line-ups in the World Cup

The Paraguayan national team has participated into 8 World Cup editions.

1930 : group stage.

Paraguay 1930
Player 1/ player 2 = match1/ match 2 = USA 0-3 & Belgium 1-0.

1950 : group stage.

Paraguay 1950
2 matches, 2 identical XI.

1958 : group stage.

Paraguay 1958
Aguilar replaced Mayeregger in the goals for the two remaining matches after the 7-2 defeat to France just like Echague replaced Miranda in central defense in the same context.

1986 : round of 16.

Paraguay 1986
As in the Round of 16 against England. Typical 11 and replacement as along the three matches of the group stage.

1998 : round of 16.

Paraguay 1998
"12th player" : Caniza (DF). Defeated by the eventual winner, the hosting nation France (1-0, golden goal at the 113rd minute).

2002 : round of 16.

Paraguay 2002
 As against the eventual runners-up Germany (what is also the typical and best Paraguayan 11 of the tournament). Campos replaced Santa Cruz a bit before the first half of an hour of play (Santa Cruz quite had a preference for the right hand of the attack and Campos for the left). Paredes, two matches on possible three in the group stage, was suspended for he was red-carded. Gavilan and Alveranga were two other midfielders who were used in the squad rotation during the tournament. The strikers Cuevas and Franco generally entered at the very last minute of the games.

2006 : group stage.

Paraguay 2006
The heir of Chilavert in the woods JustoVillar had to leave his place since the 8th minute of the first game and was replaced by Bobadilla. Toledo lost his place since he was replaced at the end of this same match (against England) to the profit of Nuñez. Barreto and Dos Santos played in the last game instead of Bonet and Riveros. At last, they played two times in their second kit which was blue (not grey).

2010 : quarter-finals.

Paraguay 2010
Defeated by the eventual winner Spain (0-1, 83rd min.). This quarter-final is the best result ever for Paraguay.
The presented XI is the one of the quarter-finals. The previous line-up (Japan, 0-0, 5-3 pso) was very different with Barrios and Benitez in attack (and not Valdez), Ortigoza as defensive midfielder, Vera at central midfield but also Bonet at the right back position. Veron played here his only match. Vera was usually a starter (he still enters instead of Baretto in the Q/F at the 64th min.), Bonet more or less and Barrios was, until the match against Spain, preferred to Cardozo out of form. Barrios made his entry in this historical quarter-final only after the goal by David Villa. None of the Paraguayan strikers scored within the competition.

Paraguay did not qualify for the next World Cup. 

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