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Bernard Diomède - Detailed stats in European Cups

Bernard Diomède - Matches and goals in European Cups.

Matches 1-21 with Association Jeunesse Auxerroise. Matches 22-24 with Liverpool Football Club.

Cup Winners Cup 1994-1995
 1.  Croatia Zagreb          (A, T, 78)         1-3         1 goal  (20/ 1-1)
 2.  Croatia Zagreb          (H, T, 90)         3-0         1 goal  (41/ 1-0)
 3.  Besiktas JK             (A, T, 90)         2-2
 4.  Besiktas JK             (H, T, 80)         2-0

UEFA Cup 1995-1996
 5.  Viking FK Stavanger     (A, T, 63)         1-1
 6.  Viking FK Stavanger     (H, T, 69)         1-0
 7.  Nottingham Forest       (H, T, 67)         0-1

Champions League 1996-1997
 8.  Ajax Amsterdam          (H, T, 90)         0-1
 9.  Glasgow Rangers         (A, T, 90)         2-1
10.  Grasshoppers Zürich     (H, T, 90)         1-0
11.  Grasshoppers Zürich     (A, T, 66)         1-3
12.  Ajax Amsterdam          (A, T, 86)         2-1         1 goal  (11/ 1-0)
13.  Borussia Dortmund       (A, T, 90)         1-3
14.  Borussia Dortmund       (H, T, 90)         0-1

UEFA Cup 1997-1998
15.  Deportivo La Coruña     (A, T, 90)         2-1         1 goal  (71/ 1-0)
16.  Deportivo La Coruña     (H, T, 65)         0-0
17.  OFI Heraklion           (H, T, 90)         3-1
18.  OFI Heraklion           (A, T, 90)         2-3
19.  FC Twente               (A, T, 90)         1-0         1 goal  (70)
20.  FC Twente               (H, T, 90)         2-0
21.  Lazio                   (A, T, 90)         0-1

UEFA Cup 2000-2001
22.  Rapid Bucuresti         (A, T, 90)         1-0
23.  Rapid Bucuresti         (H, T, 60)         0-0

Champions League Qual. 2001-2002
24.  Haka Valkeakoski        (H, T, 90)         4-1

Results by season:
1994-1995: AJA are eliminated in the Quarter-finals of the Cup Winners Cup by Arsenal. Without Diomède, injured.
1995-1996: eliminated in the Second Round of the UEFA Cup by Nottingham Forest (0-0 in the 2nd leg away match).
1996-1997: eliminated in the Quarter-finals of the Champions League by Dortmund.
1997-1998: eliminated in the Quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup by Lazio.
2000-2001: Liverpool FC win the UEFA Cup. Diomède only played in the first round (got injured then never came back on the team).
2001-2002: Diomède made 1 appearance in the CL qualifiers. Liverpool were eliminated in the quarter-finals by Leverkusen.

Individual stats:
7 matches/ 1 goal in Champions League (+ 1/ 0 in CL qual.). 4 matches/ 2 goals in Cup Winners Cup. 12 matches/ 2 goals in UEFA Cup.

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Like Saint-Etienne, Bordeaux and Marseille did before against Hajduk, Auxerre makes a turnaround against Croatia Zagreb in '94. A young Diomède (who is the successor of Vahirua on the left wing of the AJA's attack) scored one goal in each leg.

In 1996-1997, Auxerre goes through the CL group stage thanks to a victory over Ajax, in Amsterdam, then another one in Bourgogne against Rangers. Diomède scores the opener against the Dutches just after a bit more than 10 minutes. He then finds the crossbar with an almost perfect volley-shot. A short time after, Auxerre lose the ball at midfield and Babangida amuses himself with Danjou and Charbonnier in order to score the equalizer.
AJ Auxerre continue to play its chances fully though and on a counter-attack led by Taribo West, another young forward, the new recruit from Red Star Steve Marlet, scores what would be the winner at the 56'. It's Marlet who will score the decisive goal against the Rangers as well in a 2-0 win.

After having beaten Ajax once again, like in '93, the authors of the Fench double '96 would be stopped once again by Dortmund, like in '93 still. It occured in the UEFA Cup semi-finals back then and now in the Champions League round of 16 and Dortmund would win the final over Juventus this time.

The two other goals that Diomede scored in Europe both were scored during the UEFA Cup 1997-1998 in La Corogne who played the former AJA playmaker Corentin Martins and in Twente where Diomède scores on a typical counter-attacking move from Guy Roux's Team, with his left, in one touch, served by the new maestro of the club, Yann Lachuer.

With his new players, Roux has one last nice and very honorable campaign in Europe that stops in the quarter-finals, against the Laziale. Guivarc'h is the top scorer of the competition, like Baticle in '93.

In July, both Diomède and Guivarc'h would be part of the 22-man squad that won the first World Cup for France, in France, over Brazil.  Diomède did not play in the final contrarily to Guivarc'h who was one of the 11 starters.

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