jeudi 30 avril 2015

Next Month's program + Index of Players' stats

New : constantly updated list here.

Following the traditon, next month will be much about detailed stats of players in the European Cups  that are not available into that section on

Here is the list of the 83 players only available here:
Dimitar Berbatov & Zlatan Ibrahimovic  (uncomplete on rsssf up to now + some more details)
Filippo Inzaghi (uncomplete on rsssf up to now + some more details)
Radamel Falcao (European + South American competitions)

And a good handful of new ones to be posted very soon including French NT stats of players on Platini's model with goals and including assists at the same time.
Also, some more stuffs about French Football in particular with lineups on particular topic(s), International Football lineups  (more European Cup lineups maybe in June, maybe in May)... and the "Lookalike of the Month" rubric.

Once again, if any question on how to read stats, the abbrevations and all,  it is explained into that early post in French and in English. Or in English then in French. Maybe the sign "T" in particular can seem a bit mysterious...

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