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Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic and Slovakia National Teams Lineups through the years

In order to present different generations of players, the 1938, 1990 Czechoslovakian teams and the 2012 Czech team will be added to the ones that reached the last four of a major tournament. Slovakia will be represented by its 2010 and 2016 teams. At last, some iconic Slovakian players' names will be cited, again in order to show a generation of players who in their case did not participate in a World Cup or an Euro. The one of the 90s. For the info, a Slovakian team existed in the war years (1939-1944) and we'll cite the main players of it at the end of this article as well as some 90s players too, we can already cite Lubomir Moravcik for example, probably the most iconic of them all and who played for both the Czechoslovakian and the Slovakian teams.


Runner-up of the 1934 World Cup in Italy (beaten by Italy) :

Czechoslovakia 1934

Quarter-finalist of the 1938 World Cup in France :

Czechoslovakia 1938
Zeman played at the centre forward position in the round of 16 against Holland then Ludl played instead of him in the two games against Brazil. In the replay match against the South Americans, the attack line was completely (exception made of the number 9) redesigned so the 'Player 1/ Player 2'. 'Player 1' already played against Holland, 'Player 2' only appeared for the decisive match against Brazil.

Semi-finalist and third at the first Euro tournament ever in 1960 (held in France) :

Czechoslovakia 1960

Runner-up of the 1962 World Cup in Chile (beaten by Brazil) :

Czechoslovakia 1962
An "intelligent WM" with some variants  as the following set-up : with Kvasnak in a central position in support of (from the right to the left) Pospichal, Scherer, Kadraba and Jelinek in his usual role of outside left. That was the case in the first minutes of the match when Czechoslovakia scored, and before a quick equalizer by Brazil but also at times, afterwards. Another variant was with Pospichal taking position as a right wing-half like in the pre-WM era. That was when Pluskal took a central position. A consequence of it was seeing Masopust to drift slightly on the left. Generally, Scherer and Kadraba were the players with the most of freedom.
Lala played all the matches as the right back of the team before the Final. Tichy played the Final.

Winner of the Euro 1976 by beating West Germany in Yugoslavia  :

Czechoslovakia 1976
The Czechoslovakians scored the two first goal of the Final. 2-1 at half-time. 2-2 after extra-time, penalty shootout. And the magic of Panenka.

Semi-finalist and third at the Euro 1980 in Italy :

Czechoslovakia 1980

Quarter-finalist at the Italian World Cup :

Czechoslovakia 1990
As against West Germany in the q-f's (and against USA in the very frst group stage match). + Němeček (MF) who has played against Austria then the first half against Italy in the group stage and entered for Bilek against West Germany.


Runner-up at the England Euro '96 (beaten by Germany) :

Czech Republic 1996

Semi-finalist at the Euro 2004 in Greece (beaten by the eventual Champion, Greece) :

Czech Republic 2004
Grygera finally found again his spot in central defence instead of Jiranek for the semis after that they knew each one some difficulties. Bolf and Rozenhal also played in the centre and Jiranek was once the right back, that was against Germany in the last group match, with Rozenhal at the centre of the defense for the lone match as a starter of the latter. Grygera also started on the right, against The Netherlands in the groups before to be subbed out after 25 minutes of play.
Typo : Ufjalusi for Ujfalusi.

And lastly, Quarter-finalist at the Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine :

Czech Republic 2012
Jiranek started at midifeld in the very first match against Russia in the groups then was replaced here by Hübschmann as he was himself replacing Rezek on a wing (Pilar changed of wing since then). Kadlec started as the left back of the team before to replace Hubnik in the centre after what was a severe initial lost in the groups against Russia (1-4). The Czech Republic Team was then deprived of Rosicky who get injured in the second match. The star playmaker was replaced in a first time by Kolar who also knew difficulties. Thus, it is finally Darida who played as the number 10 of the team in the quarter-finals against Portugal (0-1).


Round of 16 at the World Cup 2010 in South Africa :

Slovakia 2010
Defeated by the Dutch team not without honour. Presented as they lined against The Netherlands. Plus Strba (DM) who played the three matches in the first round but also Sestak, AM/ ST, unfortunate during this competition, the first World tournament for Slovakia. Seen as a potential star player for the team, Holosko only appeared twice as a sub in the group stage.

Round of 16 at the Euro 2016 in France :

Slovakia 2016
Qualified for the round of 16 of this 24-teams Euro Championship as one of the best 3rd with a initial loss to Wales then a win over Russia and a draw with England. Eliminated by Germany (0-3).
In brackets the starters in the group stage then, after the slash, the starter against Germany in the knockout phase. About the centre forward position, Duris played in the first match against Wales then Duda entered and scored for the 1-1 (final score 1-2) and always started after in the two remaining group stage matches. Then it is Duris who was aligned since the start against Germany. Sestak made his lone appearance in replacement of Duris in this round of 16 game (around the 65th minute). A very demanding role this role of centre-forward into this team.
Hrosovsky was the DM against wales (60 min. of play). Mak had played the three group stage matches.

The first Slovakia National Team iconic players :

A Slovakian team already existed in the war years (1939-1944). Its star player was Jan Arpas (forward). Frantisek Bolcek is the top scorer for the team with 5 goals (Arpas scored 4).

The Slovaka National Team is recognized by the FIFA since 1994. Slovakia could not qualify for a major tournament until the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (a success as the team reached a round of 16) but the all-time iconic player of the team certainly belongs to the 90s generation in Lubomir Moravcik playmaker of Slovakia from 1994 until 2000. He was already previously an international player for Czechoslovakia (1987-1993) as an attacking midfielder like at the 1990 World Cup of which he was the best assist-man.
Then we think of talentuous forward Peter Dubovsky, of Weiss whose the son plays now for the National Team his turn, of the solid and tough defenders Tittel and Glonek and of the goalkeeper Alexander Vencel Jr. (the son of his father, Alexander Vencel Sr., who was capped a couple of times with the Czechoslovakian team and star player of Slovan Bratislava, as a keeper). A great country of goalkeepers, like the Czech Republic. We'll not name them all.
More recent players that must be cited are Szilard Németh (forward, 1996-2006) and Marek Mintal (attacking midfielder, also forward, 2002-2009). The link between the Moravcik's Slovakia and the 2010 generation of Hamsik.

Of course, many Slovakian players belonged to the Czechoslovakian teams until 1993 (Popluhar, Schrojf, Dobias, Ondrus, Masny, Scherer to name some of the most used).

Notes :
- the logo ans shirts of the Czech Republic team have been used for the Czechoslovakian teams.
- special caracters are sometimes used, sometimes not.

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