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1958 World Cup Lineups

Tournament held in Sweden.

WINNER : BRAZIL (1st title).

Brazil 1958
Attention : Didi could follow a sort of diagonal that brang him on the right.

Runner-up : Sweden.

Sweden 1958

Semi-finalist and 3rd : France :

France 1958
The "moral second" of this Cup. Abbes became the keeper #1 instead of Remetter after the second group stage match, it was against Yugoslavia (2-3 loss).

Semi-finalist and 4th : West Germany.

West Germany 1958
  + a 19 years old Schnellinger who played one match in the groups as well as the third place match.

The quarter-finalists. 


Wales :

Wales 1958
The OR-IR pairing was Webster-Medwin in the two first group matches against Hungary and Mexico then Vernon-Hewitt in the third match against Sweden, Medwin-Hewitt in a fourth and decisive group match against Hungary and Medwin-Hewitt again in the quarter-finals.
John Charles missed the quarter-finals and Brazil (0-1 with a goal by the 17 years old phenomenon Pelé). Webster was his substitute to fill the centre forward role for this match.

Northern Ireland :

Northern Ireland 1958
Casey, Coyle and Dougan each took their turn at the centre forward position in the three first group stage matches. Then Scott inheritated of the role in a fourth and decisive game (against Czechoslovakia). Scott was again the centre forward of the team in the quarter-finals against France. A game into which Casey played at the inside right position instead of the usal Cush.
The keeper Harry Gregg was replaced after the three first group stage matches and a match with Germany during which he spared no pains, by Norman Uprichard.

Soviet Union :

Soviet Union 1958
Apuktin (RW) and Falin (IL) played in the 'play-off' match with England in the first phase. Igor Netto only played one game in the group stage (as IL). It was against Brazil. He was the captain.

Yugoslavia :

Yugoslavia 1958
Between brackets, Beara and Sekularac who missed the quarter-finals against West Germany due to injury (0-1). Usually the inside right of the team, Veselinovic took the inside left position while Ognanovic, already 1 appearance in the groups stage as centre forward instead of Milutinovic (in the third and last group stage match) became the inside right for this knockout match.

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