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David Ginola - Statistiques détaillées en Equipe de France

David GINOLA - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

David GINOLA - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

#Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
#Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A  (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

  1.__1990__Euro Qu.__A__Albania_________1-0_____0--0
  3.__1992__WC Qual.__A__Bulgaria________0-2_____0--0
  4.__1993__WC Qual.__A__Israel__________4-0_____0--0
  5.__1993__WC Qual.__H__Sweden__________2-1_____0--0
  6.__1993__WC Qual.__H__Israel__________2-3_____1--0  (ctrl with the chest on the left corner of the box and diagonal shot)
  7.__1993__WC Qual.__H__Bulgaria________1-2_____0--0
 11.__1994__Friendly__A__Japan___________4-1_____1--1  (20 m. shot unctrld by the gk)
 13.__1994__Euro Qu.__A__Slovakia________0-0_____0--0
 14.__1995__Euro Qu.__A__Israel__________0-0_____0--0
 15.__1995__Euro Qu.__H__Slovakia________4-0_____1--0  (7 m. header)
 16.__1995__Euro Qu.__H__Poland__________1-1_____0--0
 17.__1995__Euro Qu.__H__Azerbaïdjan____10-0_____0--0

 17 international games/ 3 goals/ 4 assists

Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Ginola avec noms des buteurs.
Detailed list of Ginola assists with scorers' names.

Italy 1994 (in the depth for Djorkaeff) - Chile 1994 (crosses for Papin and Djorkaeff) - Japan 1994 (cross for Djorkaeff)

Not counted : Israël 1993 (lateral pass for a long-range shot by Sauzée) - Azerbaidjan 1995 (found Zidane on the left who made a dribble before shooting in a close angle).

Penalties obtenus/ Penalty-kicks won.

Sweden 1993 (kicked and scored by Cantona).

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VIDEO : France - Israël 93... nice goal, Ginola (on a pass by Deschamps). 2: 30.


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