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Holland teams of all time + All-time Dream Team

The Netherlands 1974, Runner-up of the World Cup held in Germany.




The Netherlands 1976, 3rd of the Euro Nations Cup held in Yugoslavia.




The Netherlands 1978, Runner-up of the World Cup held in Argentina.




The Netherlands 1988, Winner of the Euro Championship held in Germany.



The Netherlands 1992, Semi-finalist of the Euro Championship held in Sweden.




The Netherlands 1996, Quarter-finalist of the Euro Championship held in England.




The Netherlands 1998, 4th of the World Cup held in France.

Difficult to make a synthesis-11 so here's the XI that lined against Brazil in the semis :

Once again,  as they lined against Brazil (difficult to make a synthesis 11 and the best 11 possible for the Oranje team had probably to be this one). Numan, the usual left back of this team was suspended after a red card in the quarter-finals against Argentina and was replaced at this position by Cocu, usually employed at midifeld in this selection and not Bogarde due to the latter was injured. Numan was numerically replaced by Zenden, preferred to Overmars. Winter replaced Reiziger since the 56th minute of this match with Brazil. Zenden could operate like a winger on the left side when R. de Boer was more like a "strict midfielder", able at once to defend and to make the play.

The Netherlands 2000, Semi-finalist of the Euro Championship, at home.



The Netherlands 2004, Semi-finalist of the Euro Championship held in Portugal. 




 The Netherlands 2010, Runner-up of the World Cup held in South Africa.




The Netherlands 2014, 3rd of the World Cup held in Brazil.




And why not showing the team of 2008, Quarter-finalist of the Euro held in Austria and Switzerland.


The Netherlands 2008

That team that has been eliminated in quarter-finals by Hiddink's Russia. Robben and van Persie had a couple of appearances into this competition for a few minutes of play and finally, little impact. Same with Afellay, a younger player though. In brief, that was the occasion to show van der Vaart had been here once, at the heart of the game of his NT, him who is much unfortunate at international level.

Also, about the team of 1998, one must note that Zenden was really the 12th man of that team and participated in an important part into the tournament. Same for Geels in 1976 but maybe in a lesser extent.


Now, the delicate exercise of making an all-time team.


All-time Holland National Team (Football Yesterday & Today blogspot / wm442433, on that day of 09/ 26/ 2015) :



It is not supposed to be particularly "balanced" or else as it is a Dream Team. It is to choose 11 outstanding players in an acceptable ensemble even if it's...all generations confounded, what one accepts since it's about to make an all-time team.
Some explanations maybe? Not really, I did what I wanted. So I have Rensenbrink over Robben and don't ask me why. It's a matter of preference between two very good players. That's also two quite different footballs, two different eras and that's the choice of one over the other. In that case I preferred the 70s over the 2000s. In the case of the central hinge I preferred the 80s-90s over the 50s or the 20s-30s so no Cor van Der Hart nor any Wim Anderiesen in here (or Wiersma etc.) but more Ronald Koeman and Frank Rijkaard. By the way, in my opinion, the best Rijkaard I have seen is not the midfielder, nor the stopper at the Euro '88 but the libero of Ajax '95. That was a parenthesis. Also I could note that I don't think Suurbier was way superior to a Reiziger (or van der Wiel even) but it is known that he wrote history of sport with these teams of Ajax and Holland in the 70s being a key part of it. Like every single player into it. Well.
Also the keeper...ah the keeper. Not that easy! So that's the choice of the modernity here. The last great Hollandese at this position, van der Sar. Probably a little more steady goalkeeper than his predecessors and with two exceptional parts in his career : the beginning of it and the last part of it.
Now I don't forget the Sneijder, the Hanegem and even, why not, the Seedorf at midfield. A bit more defensive : the Davids, the Haan, the Cocu. But 4 attackers were not too much for that kind of team. Let say it is Ajax '69 style.

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