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Wingers of Yesterday and Today (3/3) - A Gallery of wingers from France and from the whole world.

 A gallery, a selection of more or less illustrious wingers past and today, foreign and French taken from an article by Football Magazine (monthly supplement of France Football) published in March 1961.

From the same source, the next article (on blog)  will be about the evolution of the role of winger.

Here is the gallery of players with a short profile for each of them :

I'll use the word « cap » for « sélection » anyway even if I find this is ridiculous since a cap is a British stuff. We even translates it by « capes » in French at times, what means «capes » or « cloaks» not the stuff you put on your head...the hat. Anyway let's go.

Wingers of Yesterday (France)

« One master, Devaquez »


ALPSTEG René, 11 « caps ». This Haut-Savoyard, small but lively and farsighted, played at Saint-Etienne. He was a winger of support as he was a field-player.

ASTON Fred, 31 caps. Presented before. 

Presented in the main article by Football Magazine and what is the object of the post "Wingers...2/3", about the evolution of the role.

So let's continue.

BAILLOT Henri, 8 sél. A Messin [from Metz] quick, vigorous, redoubtable shooter. He used to be finalist of « Coupe » in 1952 with Bordeaux.

BEN TIFOUR Abdelaziz, 4 caps, small, lively, malicious. Champion 1951-1952 with Nice and « Coupe » winner.

COURTEAUX Jean. Played at R.C Paris, at Nice. Amalfi knew how to make use of this quick player and with terrific shooting.

CURYL Stanislas, 2 caps. R.C Paris, Marseille, Metz, Troyes. Small, stirring, quick.

DARD Georges, 3 caps. This Marseillais hit the ball as a deaf and ran very fast. « Coupe 1943 » and « Championnat  1948 ».

DEVAQUEZ Jules, 41 « caps ». Assuringly the best French winger of all time. Quick, strong shooter, good with the head, athletic and piercing. He won the « Coupe » with Marseille (1926 and 1927) before becoming a Niçois.

DUBLY Raymond, 31 caps. Presented before.

FILEZ Adrien, 4 caps. U.S Tourcoing. Left winger of the first "Equipe de France" (1904).

FINOT Louis, 7 caps. He went through many clubs and much positions on the field. His pace and his jump made of him a beautiful winger.

FLAMION Pierre, 16 caps. This Ardennais was a remarkable athlete. He used to be in Reims, then in Marseille, in Lyon, in Troyes, a quick winger at first, then good technician and tactician.

GABET Roger, 3 sél. Right winger of R.C Paris, storming from 1948 to 1949. Skillfull and quick, he became then a half or a back.

[the use of the word « storming » is chosen since R.C Paris was known for his « storming  attack », « attaque tourbillon », with attackers witch permuted a lot, or « whirlwind attack » more exactly maybe]

GALEY Marcel, 3 caps. The current « directeur sportif » of R.C Paris was, in Sète and at Racing an efficient left winger.

GALLAY Maurice, 12 caps. Also left winger, of O.M (Coupe 1926 and 1927), athletic, simplistic but very direct.

GARDIEN René, 2 caps. Left winger of F.C Sochaux 1950-1955. Solid, lively, left-footed.

[« Gardien » means « keeper » in French]

GRAVIER Ernest, 11 caps. Left winger of heroic times : CAP 1906 and 1920, Red Star and Sète 1924 (finale de Coupe).

GRUMELLON Jean, 10 caps. This Breton played at Rennes, then at Nice and Monaco. Elegant, quick, left-foot he could have been the first winner against the English in London (Highbury 1951).

HAAN Edmond, 3 caps. Played at Strasbourg and at Nîmes. Left-handed with redoubtable shots and head play.

JACQUES Michel, 1 cap. F.C Sochaux and Nancy-Lorraine. Quick, lively, skillful.

KELLER Fritz (9 caps) and Curt (1 cap). These two Alsaciens, both wingers, made the happiness of R.C Strasbourg. Curt then played for Toulouse.

KORB Pierre. 12 caps. A Mulhousien who made his left winger's career at F.C.M then at Sochaux.

LANGILLER Marcel. Presented before.

LAURI, 1 cap. His speed earned to the right winger of Sochaux the nickname of « Flèche d'or » [Golden arrow].

[ Miguel Ángel or Michel Lauri, French-Argentinean who played for both Argentinean and French National teams]

LECHANTRE Jean, 3 caps. Quick, subtle and piercing, he was the innamovible left winger of the « grand L.O.S.C » (1946-47-48).

LIBERATI Ernest, 19 caps. An Oranais quick, energetic and good shooter who played at Fives, Sochaux, Valenciennes and Marseille.

MATHE Jules, 2 caps. Left winger of R.C Paris from 1936 to 1939.

MEANO Francis, 2 caps. A supid car accident took away from French football and from Reims this young left-handed, small, stirring, terrific shooter who would have made a long and brilliant career.

MOREEL Georges, 1 cap. The former left winger of R.C Paris was a left-footed with rectilinear runs and with redoubtable shoots.

PIRONTI Félix, 1 cap. The former left winger of Marseille was pacy, efficient, very good shooter with the feet and with the head.

[keep in mind that it was not an advantage to play outside of Paris regaring the possibility to be called-up in the French National Team during a long time]

VAAST Ernest, 15 caps. Presented before.

VIRAGE (WEISKOPF), 1 cap. Played at Metz and Annecy. He was quick and piercing.
[« virage » is a turn, a curve, on the road for example, it was his nickname]

Wingers of Yesterday (Foreigners)

« A wizard, Matthews »

ABADIE (Uruguay). Right winger of the Uruguayan « Céleste » at the World Cup 1954. Elegant, longilineal, pacy and good technician.

BASORA (Spain). This Catalan of F.C Barcelona, light-weight but lively, full of flame, remarkable volley-shooter was one of the greatest Spanish wingers.

BASTIN (England). Eleven times international. He won all the titles with Arsenal. He wonderfully took advantage of the game of Alec James and David Jack.

BIAVATI (Italy). Right winger of the Squadra Azzurra, World Champion 1938. Perfect spearhead.

COLAUSSI (Italy). He was Biavati on the left. Colaussi was way more efficient than his partner.

CROOKS (England). Right winger, he played in the National Team from 1930 to 1937. Quick and very piercing, he was a redoubtable scorer.

DE HARDER (Holland). Le « divin chauve » [the balded divine] was during a long time the main asset of the Girondins' attack. His fineness of touch of the ball, his malice, instantly opened the way to the goals to him.

FINNEY (England). The « Preston plumber » (40 times international) was, like Matthews but with more realism, a master of the feint and of the wrong-foot.

GAINZA (Spain). Who has forgotten the fire, the dynamism, the speed and the punch of this irresistible left winger, like he was against France in 1949 ?

GHIGGIA (Uruguay). He is today at A.S Roma. He was the hero of the 1950 World Cup Final scoring the two goals that floored Brazil.

[scored the winner, the first one was scored by Schiaffino, of course. On a pass by Gigghia that said]

GOROSTIZA (Spain). Bilbao and Spanish have not forgotten this 18 times international left winger whose the hook and the shoot were extraordinary.

KOHUT (Hungary). He was a left-foot and he was one of the forces of Marseille. His shooting of the ball was of an amazing violence.

LEMBERECHTS (Belgium). This vivacious, lively Belgian was the right winger of the « Continent » in 1947 against Great Britain.

LIDDELL (Scotland). The left winger of the Scottish team 1946-1950, quick and skillful, played at Liverpool. He pleased the public by the variety of his game.

MATTHEWS (England). The wizzard of Blackpool is still playing at 46 years old. He will remain as the English greatest right winger of all times. His dribbling and his feint left-right, his clear-sightedness were unequalled.

MELCHIOR (Austria). Austrian international player, then team-mate of F.C Rouen, Melchior's game was mainly about his athletic power, his penetration force and the force of his shoot.

MEREDITH (Wales). This Welsh made all his career in England. Very quick, very clever, piercing, he was still playing aged 50 with Manchester City. 48 times Welsh international player.

NYERS (Hungary). His running and shooting speed with the left [yeah, nothing, I already saw a description of him saying he was slow or a « false-slow player »] his cutting inside from the throw-line made of Etienne Nyers, one of the stars of Stade Français (with Ben Barek).

ORSI (Argentina). Argentinean international player, he was after his transfert to the Juventus, Italian international. His virtuosity, his technique were exceptional.

PRAEST (Denmark). His « athletic mass » [don't know if it's correct in English] and his shot made of him a redoubtable scorer. Selected of the continent in 1947 [don't know if it's correct in English here again].

PUC (Czechoslovakia). Left winger of Slavia Prague and of the National Team, he was the most artist amongst the Czech footballers.

SEKOULITCH [Sekulić] (Yougoslavia). He mainly made his career in Geneve, in Montpellier and at Club Français. At his ease at every positions on the field, he used to be most of all a brilliant left winger thanks to his technique and to his science of the game.

VOGL (Austria). He was the left winger of the Admira of Wien and of the magnificient « Wunderteam » 1933-1935.

WADDELL (Scotland). Right winger of the National Team 1951. Blond, quick and elusive.

Wingers of Today (France)

« Un classique : Wisniewski »

BAULU Jean-Claude (Valenciennes). The former « stadiste » [Stade Français] is not tall but his activty is tireless, his very rich skill-set and his piercing, remarkable.

DANIEL Emile (Lyon). Played at Nancy, at Red Star. He is endowed with an atonishing running speed, but he unfortunately finishes his actions badly.

DE BOURGOING Hector (Nice). The French-Argentine is as well a player of the centre than a winger. His weapons : his deftness, the suddenness of shoot, the head-play.

DJIBRILL Karimou (Monaco).This Togolese is powerful, fast, and he has made a lot of technical improvements.

DORSINI Pierre (Toulouse). The model for the pocket size winger, with lightning starts, with unnanounced feints and wrong-foot.

EDIMO Samuel (Sochaux). Cameroonese with acrobatic style, disturbing, dangerous near the opponents goals.

FAIVRE Jacky (Rennes). Although he plays spearhead inside forward, he used to be an efficient left winger during a long time with his hook, his dribbles with the left, his speed.

FOIX Jacques (Nice), 6 caps. His athletic qualities (speed, jump) and his techniques make of him one of the best French specialists.

GRILLET Pierre (R.C Paris), 9 caps. He's the fastest French winger without the ball, but he looses of his efficiency ball at the feet, because he has some diffuculties to see well the collective play.

LEFEVRE Bernard (Marseille). He would have been one of the best French left wings (pace, shoot) if he had been less apprehensive.

MARGOTIN Michel (Lens). The benjamin of professional French football. Audacious, very gifted technically. With age, he will rise to the fore.

PILLARD Joël (Angers). Very fast, the former racing-men [RC Paris] is combative and always attracted by the goals.

RAHIS Bernard (Nîmes). His muscular power, his commitment, his energy, and his lef foot make him a redoubtable combatant.

SALABER Emilio (Sedan). He is frail, but quick and lively like powder. He is most of all lacking constancy and insurance. [Spanish player]

SAUVAGE Paul (Reims). He's a centre forward, but he is a left foot so he plays left winger. His technique is perfect, his science of the game perfectible still.

STIEVENARD Michel (Lens), 2 caps. He's loosing, little by little, his style of winger, because he needs space. With more bite, he would be an innamovible international.

STOPYRA Julien (Troyes), 1 cap. He has all the gifts : liveliness, stability, the glance. But he's inconstant.

TOPKA Jean (R.C Paris). A force of nature : suppleness, jump, rapidity, skill. He is the perfect winger of counter-attacks but not of a team that dominates. [native of the Ivory Coast]

VINCENT Jean (Reims), 43 caps. Presented before.

WISNIEWSKI Maryan (Lens), 26 caps. He was the right Winger of « L'Equipe de France » at 20. His power, his speed, his shoot and his skill would make him one of the best Europeans if he'd progress in vision.

WOGNIN Ignace (Angers). A native of Ivory Coast who is able of the most magnificient feats when on his day but who is not always constant.

Wingers of today (Foreigners)

« A phenomenon : Garrincha »

ANTENEN (Switzerland). He is equipped with all the technical gifts, and tactical. But he is a bit fragile.

CARLIER (Holland). Left winger of Monaco, he's a remarkable technician (in particular ball stopped).

CAVEM (Portugal). Left winger of Benfica. He goes very fast, possesses a very good volley-play and scores goals.

CHARLTON (England). Left winger against his will, the forward of Manchester United is a lefty with a smashing shoot.

CSIBOR (Hungary). In Barcelona, he lost his spot, but he was the left winger of the great Hungary at a time where his speed, his hooks, his shots without angle were irresistible.

DOERFEL (Germany). He's very young, small, blond, crafty, and terribly adroit. He is one of the assets of Hamburg S.V.

DOUGLAS (England). His disconcerting dribbles were fatal to the « Tricolores » [France] in 1957 in Wembley. He is accused of being too much individualistic but his class is exceptional.

GARRINCHA (Brazil). He was the revelation with Pelé at the last World Cup. A famous feint and unbeatable : feint on the left, start on the right.

GENTO (Spain) : The left winger of Real Madrid is the fastest and the most brilliant n°11 in the world. His stops and his starts are instantaneous.

HAMRIN (Sweden). His skill is diabolical, his feints and his change of runs are unexpected, his piercing irresistible. Fiorentina is benifiting of him like the 1958 Swedish team used to do.

HORAK (Austria). He's an hurricane type Melchior, not always efficient, but redoubtable.

JULINHO (Brazil). He's still playing at Palmeiras of Sao Paulo but arrives at the end of a magnificient career. Powerful, quick and skilful all at once.

KOLEV (Bulgaria). Again a spearhead inside-forwad displaced on the wing against his will. By the way, he moves often to the centre where he takes advantage of the dragging occasions.

KOSTIC (Yugoslavia). His shots with the left, in movement or on free-kick, make him the ennemy #1 of the opponent's defenders.

MC PARLAND (Ireland). A solid left winger, vigorous, who strikes very hard and very often.

METREVELI (U.S.S.R). His speed of execution, his sense for the goal made of him the revelation of the last European Nations Cup.

MIGUEL (Spain). The Atlético's winger has all the Spanish qualities of running speed and of shooting.

MOULIJN (Hollande). Frail and elegant, he is second to none to go through a defensive network thanks to his feints and his lightning hooks.

NURENBERG (Sochaux). Luxemburger, he has his place into this gallery for the services he gave to Nice, by his energy, by his activity, by his opportunism.

PITERS (Belgium). The winger of Standard has been nicknamed « Popeye » because he has as much fancy in his game as in his repartees.

RAHN (Germany). Today in Holland, he is not anymore what he was in 1954 into this World Champion team. But his force and his shoots remain unstoppable.

SANDOR (Hungary). He is short, stocky, but his rushes are irresistible. His dribbling technique, and shooting technique are not negligible.

SKOGLUND (Sweden). Blond, round and pink, he is more a winger of fineness than of force. He is a fantasist but a very brilliant player.

STACCHINI (Italy). The left winger of Milan [Juventus] is very inconstant. But when he wants to take the trouble, he overcomes all the oppositions thanks to a variety of hooks and of feints.

VAN RHYN (Holland). At Stade Français he has been discuted. He is not as efficient as before, but he stands as a very opportunist forward, and very good shooter.

ZAGALO (Brazil). The left winger of the World Champions 1958 and of Botafogo is most of all a winger of support, prompt to counter-attacking and very active.

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