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Jean Petit - Statistiques détaillées en Equipe de France

Jean PETIT - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

Jean PETIT - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

#Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
#Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A  (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

  1.__1977__Friendly__H__Soviet Union____0-0_____0--0
  4.__1978__WORLD C.__N__Hungary_________3-1_____0--0
  5.__1978__Euro Qu.__A__Luxembourg______3-1_____0--0
  7.__1979__Euro Qu.__H__Luxembourg______3-0_____1--0  (header)
  8.__1979__Euro Qu.__A__Czechoslovakia__0-2_____0--0
  9.__1979__Friendly__A__United States___6-0_____0--0
 10.__1979__Euro Qu.__H__Czechoslovakia__2-1_____0--0
 11.__1980__WC Qual.__A__Cyprus__________7-0_____0--0
 12.__1980__WC Qual.__H__Rep. of Ireland_2-0_____0--0

 12 international games/ 1 goal/ no assists.

World Cup : 1 match.

"Demi-passe-décisive"/ "Half-assist" : Brazil 1978 (cross defelcted by Cerezo on Platini), Hungary 1978 (lateral pass for a long-range shoot by Lopez), Luxembourg 1979 (fk for a header by Trésor which finds the cross-bar, Larios concludes), U.S 1979 (a deflected ball which arrives in the feet of Lacombe who scores the opening goal), Cyprus 1980 (pass in the stubs of Zimako who must dribblle past some players before to score the 7th goal).

Ces nombreuses "demi-passes-décisives n'en font en fin de compte même pas une. All of those "semi-assists" don't make even one.

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