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Italian National Team Lineups throughout History + All-time XI

1934 : Wold Champion in Rome.

Squadra Azzura 1934

1938 : World Champion in France.

Squadra Azzura 1938

1968 : European Champion in Rome.

Squadra Azzura 1968 (1)

Squadra Azzura 1968 (replay)

1970 : World Cup Runner-up in Mexico.

Squadra Azzura 1970

1978 : 4th at the World Cup, held in Argentina.

Squadra Azzura 1978

1980 : 4th of the Euro on home soil.

Squadra Azzura 1980

1982 : World Champion in Spain.

Squadra Azzura 1982

1988 : 4th at the Euro in West Germany.

Squadra Azzura 1988

1990 : Third of the World Cup, held in Italy.

Squadra Azzura 1990

1994 : Runner-up of the U.S World Cup.

Squadra Azzura 1994

1998 : Quarter-finalist of the World Cup, in France.

Squadra Azzura 1998

2000 : Runner-up of the Belgian-Dutch Euro (Final played in Rotterdam, Zambrotta was suspended).

Squadra Azzura 2000

2006 : World Champion in Germany.

Squadra Azzura 2006

2012 : Runner-up of the Euro held in Poland and Ukraine.

Squadra Azzura 2012

1968 : Domenghini winger and Riva winger-scorer, but real wing since he had to act defensively, at least to withdraw on his left wing. None of them two was really good defender. The rest of the team, it is another story.
2006 : + Nesta and Del Piero. And others since it is really a whole group that won this title.





I've once went for this once, and Football Y & T will stick to this :

Squadra Azzura di tutti i tempi
Some comments:
If you want an unrealistic of all unrealitic teams you have this! I've kept Tardelli instead of Pirlo in order to keep it "Italian enough". Valentino Mazzola, who never participated in a World Cup (due to the World War II and to a premature death in the Superga air disaster) could have however offer, beyond an undeniable talent,  a bit more of balance, instead of Rivera who never really imposed himself in the National Team.
By the way, no Staffetta here! Indeed, Rivera will pair with Alessandro Mazzola in a midfield with two playmakers. Baresi, who had to wait for Scirea's retirement to enter the national XI as they had the same role will partner the one who wore the number 7 at the Spanish World Cup here. They will form a very modern central pair of defenders, both as good at marking as well as good on the ball. Number 10 like Mazzola and Rivera (or Rivera and Mazzola), Meazza and Baggio will naturally evolve a bit higher on the pitch than the Interista and the Milanista of the 60s-70s. At the forefront, a Vieri or a Piola could have been some great choices as well. Paolito Rossi and Pippo Inzaghi should, as far are they are concerned, come off from the bench in the very last minutes of a match.

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